Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quirky New Pathologist

One of the fun parts about studying medicine is having visual stimulation [well, for one I have seen waaaayyyy too much boo-bies and vajayjays for my own good]. Most of our learning, in my opinion, is derived from such modes.

Pictures, photographs, charts, mind-maps, potted models of organs (healthy and otherwise), plastic life-size mannequins and skeletons... but of course, training with the aid of a real patient of course.

We have it all.

Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology, Microbiology and definitely, Pathology.

Dear old Pathology. The science of disease. The core text for this section involves a whole family namely Papa, Mama and Baby Patho [That's Pathologic Basic of Disease (Full edition, Basic & Handbook respectively) by Kumar, Cotran & Collins for you all other med ppl out there]

In the recent months, the Department of Pathology had a new addition, Dr. Maria [Name has been changed for the greater good]. American-trained, lots of clinical and teaching experience. Gosh, the other pathologists call her... Mariaaaaa!!! *like calling a Filipina maid somewhat

Prior to attending her lecture, news about her incompetence and lack of tact has reached me from other batches. And man, I entered the class with so much prejudice that I was blanking her out though *pretending to be* attentively interested. An example of her teaching methods/questioning:

Describe the picture shown.

Maria: What can you see, class?
Random voice #1: Liquefactive necrosis!!! *with much enthusiasm*
Random voice #2: Necrotising fasciitis!!!
Maria: It is an amputated leg! *beaming smile*
Maria: You must say that first ok? Then you must state the colour of the skin. *point point* Do you see this leg has some callous on the heels?
Maria: Add, there is some bloody flesh at the top. Lastly, only you say there's necrosis.

Maria: Class, can you see the twist? Maybe he overdid a cha-cha or mambo?
Maria: No, this is NOT from a black man!

Maria: Remember!!! YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW!!! Remember this colour... Now repeat after me. YELL-OW!!!
*Yes, half of the class did.

She must be thinking she's teaching a kindergarten class. LOL

I am most definitely not judging or complaining about her. I lurve her style! I can proudly say I remembered almost everything she taught me in her class. She is so fun to observe with her idiosyncratic behaviour and all. Even when she buys food in the cafeteria.

And of course, her infective beaming smile. =D

FYI, just in case anyone wants to know...

Picture 1: Diabetic patient.
Picture 2: Torsion of the Spermatic Cord/Testicular Torsion aka Twisted Balls. Turns black due to the lack of blood supply
Picture 3: Fatty liver. Due to unhealthy diet or alcohol.

Pictures are sourced from WebPath.

Lastly, do visit this link... like WHOAAA!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Intermittent Thoughts

Sometimes I just feel like I am forever in med school... and graduation (hoping that it would eventually come) seems like an aeon away =(

Maternal and Child Health posting this month... so yeah, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Paediatrics. Exciting, disgusting but a very optimistic side if compared to all the morbidity in other departments.

A proper post on my birthday is due, but still in progress la. This week is a killer. I am hanging on a thin wire and am on the verge of drowning.

Also, the theory of "6 degrees of separation" still amazes me; how small the world can be, for people to be so closely linked? Especially among the fags. [Just a conclusion from this control sample population]

Well, that and the answer to all questions in life remains to be answered only after this week has settled down and I have less weight to juggle with social responsibilities and academic burdens in training.