Tuesday, August 30, 2011

keep the b*tchy

I was just chilling out in the sun with a bestie (perfecting her tan, while I was probably getting burnt with 3 layers of tan from 3 different island already!) and I made a passing comment about, well, something.

"That is such a joshy-statement!"

"Huh? Err.. okay!"

*awkward silence*

"I will miss you, Josh"

"Aww, I will miss you too, gurl!"

"Can you promise me that you will keep the b*tchy joshy?"


Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to Another Island Getaway!

Actually had a few posts in mind but i kept delaying cos i am so fickle-minded and the frigging job-related paperwork is driving me up the wall.


Nevermind, I am gonna escape from all the persistent stressors and all things familiar to another 'paradise' island!

Will blog again when I come back!

Till then, many many bone-crushing hugs,

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dr. Joshyboi

For real now.

After five long years (rather eventful and tumultous, i must say), i finally reached the end.


... and all i got were two letters in front of my name, and a huge debt.

[i dono how in the flying f*ck i managed to do it, but i spent close to RM2k on my graduation shopping spree within 24 hours]

in a deeper pit that is called DEBT again...

on another note, i got myself a sexy tan (from my island paradise holiday just this past weekend)... yums! HAHA...

okay, dr joshyboi signing off now. brb. shopping can be exhausting... :)