Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear Hubby!

Dear hubby

My darling hubby wubby

These words, in prose they lay

Drafted on the ELITE highway.

My friends gave us a label

We’re an “old married couple”

We’ve been together for so long

Complete with a bimbotic theme song.

Amazing how we’ve grown

Better together we’ve shown

How did I ever get so lucky?

To snatch a hunk beyond sexy!

Oh this is bliss

Sealed with a sloppy kiss

No I don’t hear a sound

And my feet flew off the ground.

Damn this is too much

How I long for your touch

Waking up to your smiling face

Us entwined in a warm embrace.

Aww shucks!

The distance between us sucks

But what we share can’t be shattered

Through greater storms we have weathered.

MSN, GTalk and Skype

We’ve hopped onto the bandwagon hype

Me overworked and whining away

Your company just brightens up my day.

Hearing your sexy voice so deep

Kissing a picture of you before I sleep

Guess I am silly that way

Seeing pink in shades of gray.

Love is not love which alters

When it alteration finds

Learning through our falters

Beautiful in its imperfections, our story shines.

I miss you, baby

Lotsa love from your hubby!

For longer than forever

This I vow yesterday, today and always.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's All Say YUMMM!!!

I love to eat. A lot.

I have been known to travel great distances in pursuit of amazing culinary experiences. And surviving countless crazy infuriating traffic jams. And the lack of carparks. And tolerating pissy waiters/managers/owners.

Yes, impossible is truly nothing. Hardly any obstacle can stay in my pursuit of filling the tummy silly.

And the past weekend has been nothing short of an elaborate dining adventure. =)

Hainanese Chicken Chop!
(some random kopitiam but oh-so-the best lah)

Sri Nirwana Maju BANANA LEAF RICE!
RM 5.00 (I think?)
Damn nostalgic... aww

Kensington Seremban's Seafood Platter
The prawns are OMG-amazing!

Kedai Makanan Seremban (whaaaaat a creative name eh?)
Original Recipe Roast Crabs 3KGs!

Wagyu Beef Cheeks (how luxurious!)
Housemate's Sous Chef BF

Yes, I am behaving like I can't care less for my health. Yes, I think I am an obese fag. Yes, I need to find time to work out more and be able to seduce the hubby and perform kinky experiments in bed.

But surprisingly, I have been losing weight, without much effort since I moved here. =)

Ah blame it all on my erratic, lifeless, communist-inspired schedule. I am actually looking forward to weekends, for some sitdown study time.

I must be going mad.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Songs on Love

Sampai syurga ku menunggu
Sampai syurga ku cintamu
Hanya kamu...


I just had to add it onto this post! I still can't believe Aizat was on Akademi Fantasia =S

berhembus angin rindu
begitu nyamannya terhidu wangian kasihmu
hujan lebat mencurah kini
bagaikan tiada henti
kaulah laguku, kau irama terindah...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Housewarming

When Joshy throws a party... everybody joins in the merriment!

At least everybody who was invited. Ah including those who had to do nightshift in the wards, oh for a little while. Well, even our next door neighbours came =)

Let it be known that Joshy boi can still throw a mean party. Never mind that I am now in Seremban.

Fabulous habits die hard.

That fine Saturday, I was just strolling in Pavilion after my tooth extraction. Gah! [Oooh there's Sales in Tangs!] And I passed by J.Co... and I thought, "DONUT PARTY!!!" I frantically called my housemates, "Let's do this tomorrow! Bring some life to our community!" *just because I felt like it*

Our conference call ended with, "Okay, set to go!"

Thus I drafted the text invite,

"Housewarming party tmr 8pm. My place. Feed yourself first. Only snacks and booze served." [SEND TO ALL!]

And soon it spread like wildfire! Within the own small community that we are here, in clinical school.

Nothing like early bird gifts to ensure punctuality. Godiva gave us the extra boost!

Food. Music. Booze. Gambling Games. Laughter.

Oh I shall not forget the magic of playing mahjong on a tiny coffee table and TAP TAP REVENGE!!! And drooling over CLEO's 50 Eligible Bachelors. Wait, I stand corrected. Just 3 of them. And I like, know 2 of them personally.

I had so much fun planning! And it was great having housemates who were equally enthusiastic and so accommodating of my crazy impulsive decisions. We even had a housemates' dresscode* which is a bit cornier-than-a-cornfield, I'd admit. But that was loved by our crowd. And that made all the difference. Oh yeah!

Good lighting really helped set the ambience. I was like flabbergasted when I saw the pictures taken.

"Wah, our living room never looked this warm and cosy!"

At the end of the night, everybody went home a little bit drunk, bloated and fingers hurting (Tap Tap Revenge 2 Tournament on my iPod touch!!!)

Tonnes of pictures were taken (and already up on Facebook!) as it is a result of the natural instinct of our generation.

Can't hardly wait till the next one! =P

*yes, an extremely gay gay gay thing to do

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I feel a tad dumber

... cos I just lost a wisdom tooth. As of 11.30am today.

I am talking funny. I can only consume cold and liquid food items. I can't have chocolate.


So I went shopping. =)

And cooked up a plan for a party tomorrow, before the onslaught of a new week befalls us. It's kinda my trademark to do such things on impulse.

Ah well, lotsa time to work through the details. And to take my mind of the the persistent pain where a tooth used to be.

Wish me luck!!! =P