Monday, January 31, 2011

stress makes me slutty!

ARGHHH only my university has the bad sense (or rather, EVIL EVIL EVIL idea) of having exams during Chinese New Year... like look at the demographics PLEASE!

This is NOT the first time this has happened to me! Cis!

5 years of med school in one exam (4 papers lah) - can you imagine how it's driving some people completely mad?

Oh well, I have more or else decided that I am not letting some crazy sadist induce misery in me and miss out on spending quality time with my family and friends in celebration of the new spring (corny yes?)


Cukup makan pass, can already lah... for now?

But still gotta revise lah... Heck, I am even snapping photos with my textbooks wei! On the verge of going cuckoo.

So anyways, last night I had pseudo-reunion dinner, in conjunction with CNY lah, with my closeR friends. Following that, we went somewhere, opened a few bottles of malt and got high laughing at YouTube videos.

Speaking of which: LOOK AT THIS!

Muahahahaa... Funneh sial! Okay moving on now.

By some hocus-pocus expecto patronum shit going on, in the beer probably, everybody was revved up to go home and study wor! (except me for sure, i wanted to sleep! but nehmind you study, i must study also!)

I went home, checked my MSN... and jeng jeng jeng!

Junior (straight, but wanted to suck my cock: from previous post): Let's call him JR.

JR: Whatcha doing?
Me: Studying lor.
JR: I can't study at home wei. Can I come over?
Me: Ok.

Jeng jeng jeng. He came over. Hopped into bed right next to me (cos I study on my bed lahhh!)

Study study study schtmudy....

Then I had to get something from his side of the bed. I turned, reached out for that highlighter. And we were facing each other. Total eye contact! (He said I got nice thick eyebrows worrr... ).

And lips... barely an inch apart.

Well, since imagination is the best gift (somebody wise and famous say one lah, so i follow aje)... let's say this song describes the events that followed the above prologue :)

Boys, you can be rest assured he wanted more than just a peek! :P

Saturday, January 29, 2011

possible sexcapades?

let me get that for you? ;)

sometimes it's just surprising how out of the blue, one can get propositions for sex from the most unlikely people, at unlikely places at unlikely times.

so in the past week, I have had:

a senior (my gaydar malfunctioned when he's around) wanted to have 'camfun' with me on MSN. (whoa whoa whoa... hold on to your horses, cowboy!)

a (straight) junior 'fessed up that he's curious about sucking (my?) dick. *wink wink*

a pharmacist offered to give me the blowjob of my life! (seriously? i have had some awesome ones. hard to beat!)

a (straight) classmate wanted ME to give him a blowjob. (but I'm not into bears lah!)

LOL my best guess is it's cos of my new pair of pants - totally rocking it! :P my junk and all the goodies yang sewaktu dengannya. *shy face*

or was it my perpetually naughty-horndog facies going on, without me realising it?

do i look so easy?



but honestly, i haven't taken up any offers lah. good boy here, kwai kwai stay @ home and study only. INCLUSIVE of weekends!

feeling totally like a reborn virgin. (YES, it's been thaaaaaattttttt longgggggg!)

boy, am i tempted or what!

so if and when it does happen, it will be...

Friday, January 28, 2011

hell hath no fury!


Stupid stupid smelly pussy person woke me up at a godforsaken time (anything >1 hour prior to class is wayyyy too early for me to wake up!) TO ASK FOR THE TIME AND VENUE FOR CLASS! and then WANTED TO CHAT SOMEMORE!

"eh today got revision class ah?"

"huhhh uhhh huhhh... got i think." (still groggy from a long night!)

"where ah?" (bitch! our tiny campus has only one auditorium/big lecture theatre lah!)

"the LT lo. we got daily reminders on classes in the email and sms what."

*annoying giggles* "you notchet wake up ah?"

"i was planning to sleep till right before class." (oiii you disrupted my beauty sleep somemore can giggle giggle!)

"what class is it anyway? who's teaching?"

"Psychiatry. Dr. S"

"I think he's depressed. HAHAHA!" (yes she laughed!)


"You don't think he look sad meh? Nehmind. Later I borrow book, use your library card can ah?"

BBEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Warraooo eh! Hang up on me lidatt summore!


Walaooooeehhhh, damn kacau lah this person!

Who do you think you are eh, woman! Only talk to me when you don't need favours and then show me pissy face ALL THE TIME!

[p.s. addendum: there was once during our exam week, she was late for the long clinical case exam. her examiner was already there and was hunting for her. so i called to check on her. then she BEEPED before we finished the conversation. thennnnn jeng jeng jeng, she walked into the ward and gimme bitchfit face. WTF right!]

Now KACAU MY SLEEP! Somemore want to chit chat, talk cock and ask for this and that!

I have one thing to say to you! Read below:

So anyways, I went to class late but nehmind, the lecturer lagi LATER. Waste of time, should have slept in. HMPH!

Anyway, that kacau woman (cos i dont wanna use lagi vulgar words) didn't dare approach me cos apparently i had my death stare on the whole time (according to the faghags).

started off the day being pissed but all is good after i had AWESOME YU YUN FUN (fishball noodles) for lunch! And slept through the rain... Syok!

Now back to studying... BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How My Heart Behaves

We promised each other to let go.

The distance. The time. Our personal histories. All were part of a recipe for disaster.

Somehow we linger. Still linger in each other's lives.

I told myself that I will never attempt a long-distance relationship ever again. No repeat scar, thankyouverymuch.

For a little while, I thought I would be alone for the longest time. And then you came into my life.

And I was changed for good.

How fate drives us topsy-turvy and in no time at all, you were leaving on a jetplane to somewhere several time zones away. Who was I to hold you from your dreams? :(

I told myself. It's not meant to be. Just stay friends.

Funny how my heart behaves.

I still await your late night phone calls as we talk about our days and bitch about people around us. How you make me laugh (and you singing to me).....

Oh maybe you've got me addicted. It's almost like you were still here, holding me to sleep.

I thought I was moving on. Just me, myself and I.

Funny how my heart behaves.

You got it all afluttered again. When you uttered those 3 words, 8 letters.

And I am tipped off balanced.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Hmm, is it strange that a gay guy like me, is seriously, seriously, seriously considering training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology?

Woman parts. Fingers into places where the sun doesn't shine. Tubes to visualise the introitus.

Oh my, how sensitive (and accurate) my finger tips are! Must be a sign! Haha

But but but... I like Critical Care Medicine & Surgery too!!! :(