Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It Ends Tonight

Your subtleties
They strangle me
I can’t explain myself at all.
And all the wants
And all the needs
All I don’t want to need at all.

The walls start breathing
My minds unweaving
Maybe it’s best you leave me alone.
A weight is lifted
On this evening
I get the final blow.

When darkness turns to light,
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.

A falling star
Least I fall alone.
I can’t explain what you can’t explain.
You're finding things that you didn’t know
I look at you with such disdain

When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.
Just a little insight won't make this right
It’s too late to fight
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight.

Now I’m on my own side
It’s better than being on your side
It’s my fault when you're blind
It’s better that I see it through your eyes

All these thoughts locked inside
Now you’re the first to know

It ends when darkness turns to light
Just a little insight won't make this right
It’s too late to fight.

When darkness turns to light,
It ends tonight.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Resistance Training

It kicks my butt.

I love that.

Monday, November 20, 2006


...I wish I never knew.

Deep down, as much as I try to calm it... I feel a storm brewing.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Top 10 Reasons I Hate "The Moron"

From this post onwards, everytime I refer to my housemate, I shall use The Moron...

1. He pisses ON the toilet seat (and doesn't clean it afterwards!)

2. He refuses to clear the hair (obviously HIS hair cos I am NOT balding!) clogging the bathroom drain. He continues to use the bathroom, obliviously!

3. When the rubbish bin is full, he just takes another plastic bag and fills his rubbish into the new bag then places it RIGHT NEXT to the overflowing bin. CAN'T YOU JUST BLARDY THROW IT OUTSIDE???

4. He never places the cooking utensils, pots and pans he uses back into the cabinets. JUST LEAVE IT TO DRY BY THE SINK AND EXPECTS THEM TO MAGICALLY WALK INTO THE CABINETS!

5. When I wake up late, he will go "You should wake up earlier! You should get ready earlier!" I am like, WTF! I suka lah when I wanna wake up or if I wanna skip classes [note: still attending everything]

btw, HE BLOODY OCCUPIES THE BATHROOM FOR 1 HOUR EVERYTIME HE GOES IN!!! (and only leaving me 30 min b4 lectures. WTF he doing inside I dono!) FYI, you still are a minger, regardless of how you groom yourself ok!

6. When I wake up early, he will go "Wah, wake up early ah? What happened to you ah?" *toot* WHO THE HECK YOU THINK YOU ARE? MY GRANDMOTHER AH?

7. He EXPECTS ME to call the landlady (cos he apparently cannot communicate in Cantonese) , pay bills, get the net connection, fix anything that goes WRONG in the house blablabla... though he is the MAIN TENANT!

8. He always talks about wanting to clean the house cos it's getting dirty. BUT NEVER EVER DOES IT!!! In the end, poor little Joshy has to do it!!! (OMG I am amazed at his high tolerance level of cleanliness!!!)

9. Last weekend, I sensed some odd smell in the kitchen. THERE WERE ROTTING ONIONS ON THE REFRIGERATOR!!! I told him about it and guess what? He smelled it too, but just ignored the odour.


My blood is boiling.

p.s. Oh yeah, he has bad colour sense too. Horrible matching fashion sense.


Monday, November 13, 2006


So one fine Sunday, I was grocery shopping and conveniently bought a pack of scrubbing pads (the ones used to clean stuff you know?)

And I went home and placed the respective scrubs in strategic and handy locations like, by the kitchen sink and the bathroom basin...

As I was arranging stuffs in the bathroom, my "dearest" housemate entered and was wondering what I was doing with the scrubbing pad thingy...

Dearest: What's the pad for?
Me: Err, to clean the bathroom basin lor... the old ones like disintegrate dee ma...
Dearest: But I though we can use that *points to the toilet bowl cleaning-brush*
Me: OMG!!! Whaaaat!!! You can't use the same thing to clean the toilet bowl and the basin...
Me: YOU IDIOT!!! (of course, I didn't say this last bit out loud)
Dearest: It's the same one what. We don't put our faces so close to the basin.
Me: Err, let's just use the pads ok?


OMG... Save me!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have learned...

"As we grow, life ceases being less and less just about ourselves. We have responsibilities not only to ourselves anymore."

Harsh truth?

Sunday, November 05, 2006


It feels weird being an participant in this rising phenomenon.

I have like, straight guy friends, telling me they want to experiment the alternative lifestyle. In short, they wanna try being gay. Like seriously.


Also, my girlfriends are complaining that they lack a fabulous faggoty friend (with the exception of me, of course)

BEWARE!!! The Pink Army is off to conquer new realms...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Paper Heart

Please just don't play with me
My paper heart will bleed
This wait for destiny won't do
Be with me please, I beseech you
Simple things, that make you run away
Catch you if I can

Tears fall, down your face
The bitter taste, is killing
Something that I know
Life is, easiest when I am around you.

So bottle up the past ,
And throw it out to sea,
Watch it drift away, as life brightens
Time has passed
The seasons go
Waiting, day to day it goes through

My lips, are sealed for others
My tongue is,
Tied to, a dream of being with you
To settle for less, is not what I desire

Summer time, the nights they are so long
The leaves fall down, and so do I into your arms
Where I belong, for longer than forever
Winter nights
My bedside is cold, whenever you are gone
And spring blossoms you to me

Please just don't doubt me
My paper heart will bleed
Only a life with you will do
Stay with me please, I plead you
Simple things, that make you run away
Catch you if I can
Never will I let you go...