Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kung Fu Fa Cai!

I mean, Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year, everybody!

And to those who don't celebrate the coming of the Lunar Year of the Ox, Happy Holidays to YOU too!!!

Joshy is going on a short hiatus-slash-break from blogging for the next few weeks.

Reasons are as follows: (LOL, sounds like a documented report eh?)
  1. Ugh. Never thought I'd complain about holidaying but yeah, it's such a hassle packing-unpacking-repacking for different trips.
  2. I am gonna be moving to a new place by March. New start. New environment. Goodbye KL!
  3. Well CNY IS the time to be spent with family, collecting angpows, stuffing up on great guilty indulgences and for me, catch up on MY SLEEP!
But fret not, I will still be reading up on other fantabulous blogs whenever I get the chance to. And probably there may some short posts if I encounter anything interesting. So y'all take care of yourselves, drink and be merry, party wild and hard!

I will miss you guys-n-girls! =P

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dot dot dot.

Gosh. This is weird.

I just received a mail from The Ex's Ex. (both are from like aeons before)

And he is visiting my hometown, Penang sometime next month and wants to hang out.

Surely, I am more than willing to show him around town (not that I am very much aware of the tourist attraction spots) and bask in the glory of a great host worthy to boast.

But this is like awkward.

We don't share any animosity and we do acknowledge each other's existence in a very civil manner. Hardly friends though; more of like acquaintances I reckon. He really is a nice guy and sensitive blablabla all that jazz.

So yeah I don't mind meeting up with him and be a tourguide... but, but, but... I don't know what to say to him. To maintain a fulfilling conversation.

What now?

YES to hanging out and probably be better friends? Plus being a good spokesperson for my town?


NO, make up some excuse about not being available and continue moving on with our respective lives; with the occasional "Hey just checking if you are still alive!" scribbling on facebook walls.

I honestly don't know.

SOS! Help? Anyone?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Back

It is not easy being a globe-trotting* himbo.
(p.s. I use 'globe-trotting' very loosely in this instance.)

But it helps having great traveling mates. With your iPod blasting amazing tunes.

Also, a credit card when you run out of cash! =P

And phonecalls from the love of your life to warm the cold nights. Aww.

Gotta re-pack for another trip next week kinda bums.

2009 seems to be great thus far. There be greater things to be done here. Be done with nostalgia. We have got a whole life waiting for us ahead.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Only In Malaysia

How cute right? I never knew the local hospital functions as the SPCA as well? lol

How truly-uniquely Malaysian!

I just had the craziest exams ever... (I must say that the presence of external examiners there truly elevated the stress levels, aihhh all in the name of Quality Assurance)

Tomorrow's the last day and thereafter I shall be a free man! For 7 weeks or so...

And I need to figure out how to spend the time fantabulously... I can't afford to go on holiday for 7 weeks! Any other suggestions?

Probably I should tweak this blog a little bit huh? But I am such a noob la at techy stuff. Anyone wanna help joshy out?


Have a cheerful and productive week ahead! (or whatever's left of it!)