Monday, April 25, 2011

From strangers to strangers...

a friend posted this on facebook and watching it got a rigmarole of emotions flowing through me like open floodgates...

...memories of previous relationships; both the good and bad ones, and then there were the horrible ones.

the story is based on a heterosexual couple (Asian at that!) who went through the various stages of a relationship which ended... without a happy ending.

at the very least, the both of them managed to remain civil as 'acquaintances'? which is uncommon after breakups. i speak from personal experiences. lol so i am wondering how many of you guys are able to have an amicable breakup... or are able to remain friends with an ex/ ex-s?

"if life separates us and we end up in totally different places, i will always remember what our life was like in this period of time... and i will be thankful for that."


Have a good week ahead, u-ols! :P

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Whoa! It feels like forever since I last posted an entry.

Well, my last post was right after my impulsive trip down to Singapore to run... and I am about to go there this coming weekend! Partly for a course, to attend a birthday party and also to run again! It's been quite some time and lotsa things been happening, generally good *smiley face*

Speaking about running, somehow I have been running rather regularly and now it's more like an addiction. A healthy one, for once. Ahem, I am 'freakishly' losing weight (according to my colleagues: "ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE NOT ANOREXIC OR BULIMIC???) I have reached a state (worryingly) that I feel uneasy if I don't run for a day... But yeah I do really enjoy running these days (weekly target: minimum of 40km per week), albeit there is some pressure cos even middle-aged uncles and aunties who run at the same trail as I do... well, they overtake me without giving me a chance to catch up! RUTHLESS!

And I am back on the running scene again with 3 runs lined up for the next 2 months or so with 2 in Singapore (back-to-back on the same weekend)... Yeah I know this doesn't really sound like the old joshy huh? But it's true! I am a crazy running boy now!

I really thought I would get a Borderline for my Paediatrics rotation (firstly cos I hate that field and secondly, cos well I skived quite a lot, salvaging my pretty arse by doing a lot of hard labour - aka presenting CMEs every week or so)! But hey, I did save myself and got quite a good grade! A superior even told me that if I wanted to pursue Paediatrics, I would be welcomed into their team here. Hey, that's a compliment right?

And now, I am in the most-mentally-torturing and demanding rotation - Internal Medicine super-combo with Psychiatry. It's a high intensity posting with really intense faculty. Heck, I was even participating in the department's MRCP (UK) PACES revision rounds today. Whoa! Crazy shyte!

But I am enjoying my third round in Internal Medicine... everything makes so much sense here and there's more brainpower required to analyse the problem and then concoct a holistic management plan (yes I have shamelessly been converted into a philosophical physician, ... for the next month or so) But I attribute this mostly to the team's attitude and willingness to teach us and involve us as 'contributing members' (regardless that we are at the bottom of the food chain)... even though it meant reducing me to 'a clerk in a white coat"!

I would enjoy life here in this district hospital so much more if there was less paperwork which is the bane of my existence here. I spend half my time in front of the computer typing case reports and reading e-journals. Needless to say, this robs my time off of actual clinical practice. Most people think I have disappeared off the face of the earth (but nothing's keeping me away from Facebook!)

Life's not bad. I still start a day with a smile. Life's been kind to me and I am grateful!

Okay, I reckon it must be uber boring for anyone who actually persevered and read till this point. My life these days is very simple; revolving only between my house - hospital - clinical school - clinics - park - gym (in whatever order)...

The most interesting thing to have happened to me in recent moons is... well he came to visit me last weekend. And it was awesome. I don't know where this will lead but for now I am a silly smiling boy. No expectations since it's a period of uncertainty for both of us; careerwise. Carpe diem aye? And just be happy, right?

Being happy is a right.

I am happy, and I am contented :)