Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mmm mmm...

A day initially planned to go birthday-gift shopping (for a girl friend's glorious 21st birthday) ended up being a day of Ikea-food splurging and...


After miles of hunting for a perfect present to leave a lasting impression (and satisfy a longing sweet tooth), I stumbled upon cuppacakes by +wondermilk! Go visit their site and you will fall in love (drop-dead) with their OMGawd-SO-PRETTY!!! works of art, which will end up in your tummy somehow!

They are almost, too good, to eat! ;P

As of 1.00 p.m. 30th January, they are fully booked till 16th February!!!

So, we got a pretty rosey garden themed box for the Girl-Who-is-Turning-Legal-Tomorrow!

Cos she farking doesn't want politely declined alcohol.

Since we were already in the area, the hubby and I went to the Curve to err... jalan-jalan, cari makan? and ended up in the Ikea Restaurant for lunchie.

Walking down the aisle between the payment counters and the snacks place ... is a distinctive olfactory stimulating experience:

The smell of new furniture and other household appliances + The aroma of fresh currypuffs and hotdogs!!!!~!!!@!!@!!!

Anyways, I terjumpa the cupcake chic place... so decided to pop in for a peek then the people there tried to stuff me with shortbread and err... encouraging me to join the store's facebook group for exclusive discounts!


So this is what I we bought.

Dono what the names were.

Got one CNY special with lychee, apple, 24 karat (which is a carrot cake! *COUGHS*), some apple thingy, envy (green tea...) and the red velvet.

Tasted fine. Didn't hate it. Don't love it either. Passable.

Appearances - Not flattering. The names however, are a tad too imaginative.

Anyways, I googled and found their site... And I quote and unkuote:

When we started Cupcake Chic in early 2007, we decided we would bury the rampant "dumb blonde" cupcakes (which looked pretty but lacked quality) that had started to flood urban Kuala Lumpur and bring back THE cupcake to its original heyday."



Is that why the cupcakes from YOU are so ... unglam?

'Nuff said.

Today was not a productive day from the perspective of my upcoming Finals though.

P.S. Back to studying Drugs Affecting Gastrointestinal Motility.

Hmm. How appropriate.

Sunday, January 27, 2008



She strikes fear in me.

Her demeanour. Her composure. Her lisp.

I think maybe she resembles a terrorist-like relative who terrorised my childhood with her beyond-imaginable hopes of 'everyone in the family must be prim and proper and cultured'.


P.S. But I am glued to the sofa everytime The Martha Stewart Show comes on TV, no matter how hard I terribly resist.

She is EVIL!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ah! Lazy Sin-day

Yeah I woke up just right before lunch with ws.

SMS rang as I entered the elevator on the way down.

"Hurry up. Hungry d."

Yes, I am coming la dude...

*fumbling with the silly maroon paperbag containing two sinful cupcakes and a DVD containing half a season of Gossip Girl*

So we headed over to MACAU CHAN KONG KEI DUCK RICE RESTAURANT... in Sri Petaling...

MAKANNNNN!!!! As we indulged on sinful Roasted Black Pepper Duck and Roast Pork and do the usual catching up bits that friends do. Yes, no bitching this time.


So I went home on the notion I wanted to catch up on my studying schedule - I AM 4 DAYS BEHIND ALREADY LA... save me OMG! I read like 2 lectures and fell to sleep [Such a Sloth!]

Woke up right before dinner. 5 gila people drove all the way from Bukit Jalil to Bukit Bintang for...


Read about this place from some food blog la. And OMG I have been craving for it for the whole past 2 weeks.


And it's worth every word of the hype it has received.

The first impression I got was... This is SOOOOO FINNEGAN'S the Irish bar. Yeah... mini Ireland-England-Scotland reinvented or something.

*WHAT'S a BATTERED SAUSAGE???" sounds painful!

Then as we were seated, the waitress (Pinoy or Siamese, I dono!) said, "You can have a look at the menu...THERE!!!" *points at the blackboard*

I was like, "So smart. When they change the menu, no need reprint. Just rub off and WRITE AGAIN!"

Yes, I have seen this elsewhere before. What? You think I am from that town called Malang?

The place is called THE MAGNIFICENT FISH & CHIPS anyway...

I had the Barramundi. While the friends had well, barramundi, dory and steak n kidney pie.

Choices available are dory, barramundi, salmon, cod, trout etc etc...

DAMN GOOD CHIPS AND BATTER LA!!! Definitely best fish 'n chips in the valley.

You have your right to your own opinion and this is MINE!

But memang pricey la.

With my side order of mushy peas and Malibu Pineapple - RM51 inclusive of tax.

In short, I am not a flogger <- OMG THAT SOUNDS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!
So in my own style... I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE IF YOU:

1. LOVE EATING SEAFOOD (esp. FISH) just like me... OR
2. Like looking at Caucasians while eating OR
3. Enjoy super authentic British style of dining.

Now... if only it was easier to find parking.

This place if next to Baan26, on Changkat Bukit Bintang... I bet most of you know this place huh? Hehe... right opposite Frangipani...

Speaking of which...

S: Eh you want us to leave you at Frangipani? YOURRRRR kinda PLACE Whaaattt!
Me: I never been inside also la.
S: But YOU GAY!!!

So I gave her the ever glamourous Kimora Lee Simmons WTF-look.

But all is well. She is not such a bimbo lah. She was a bit mabuk. We later headed home... to continue studying!

After a long-kinda-unproductive-yet-sinful day [Yeah, I committed like 5 deadly sins, minus Lust cos the BF is not here and I am very well behaved and ... Envy cos I was exuding Fabulosity today] I took a snap outta random of myself...

Evidently, MORE Olympic Lift is needed! Grr <-Wrath this is.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Look Who's Watching

What’s the difference between gossip and scandals?

So glad you asked. KLL Forever!

Anyone can commit a minor indiscretion and generate a day’s worth of fuzz. But in order for gossip to birth a true scandal, it requires the right person to be in the wrong place.

My life is soooo drama lah. Aiyoyo… like Gossip Girl like that only…

I was awoken abruptly this morning to the meowing of a cat; with a text message on my celly from Nic, an old friend.

Nic: Hey you were at D’lish Midvalley at 9.05 p.m. last night right? With some cute twink. Scandalous.

Me: Err where got? [still groggy from insufficient sleep]

Nic: Don’t bluff.

Me: *I was tapau-ing 50% OFF stuff with Tim after dinner*
Oh sorry. I meant, where got cute? [Haha… Don’t kill me, Timmy boi]

Nic: Aren’t twinks just your type?

Me: KNNCCBSK! If you saw me, why you didn’t say Hie? Anyways, aren’t you back in Penang?

Nic: I was not there la.

Me: Then how you know I was there ah?

Nic: You were spotted. By someone.

Me: Who? I have a stalker?

Nic: That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

Me: You B*tch! WTV okay!

But deep down inside, I was like… WHAAAATTT? Am I turning into Serena van der Woodsen here? OMGawd…

So later in the day, after gym… [in fact just a few hours prior to me blogging]

I got a call from W (cos her name sounds, well, organ-related).

W: Eh you back to instructing? I heard you were hot on stage today. Faking macho huh, you whore!

Me: WHAAAATTTT? *ten octaves too high* [and I noticed I was still in the locker room and some of the guys were looking at me one kind. *cough cough*]

W: One of my amazing spies caught you in action. If you didn’t want people to find out, like, if that’s ever possible!, you could at least go incognito (like 7 a.m. class). This is KL, not some small town in the middle of nowhere.

On the downside, they though you were a noobie.


*Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. W, another diver… She can laugh for a minute or even longer, in a single breath. Like I wanna tell her, go do SCUBA or something.*

Me: What laaah...

W: Get your act together dude. You know you're nobody until you're talked about. People are watching.

Like WOE is happening. [WOE = what on earth!] It has intensified. I have received some other updates about what I did for the past week. I shall spare you the details.

I may be a lot of things but scandalous I am not. Oh, what’s a boy to do?

And this is what Jim had to say to console me when I expressed my shock at the turn of events:

The rules are different for your kind in this world. People expect YOU to party, be wild, sleep with whoever you want to, run away, come back and mess up over and over again.

And when you got hitched to that ‘ever ever after’ BF of yours, YOU became B.O.R.I.N.G.

Can’t blame them for wanting MORE, can we?

Oh rightttt.... Hummph! No thanks for the love across the South China Sea, J.

David: “Remember, remember what happened down under! In Singapore.”

Mei: “Don’t we all? We will wait to see more unfolding in this saucy story” *nudge nudge*

Thanks D and M. Oh gawd. Pleaseeeee….

For the record, my friends are obviously not offering good advice.

Dear Person/People, [way too sensitive about my doings and whereabout]

I am honoured? But why me? Me no have me own gopher squad also. Find someone else okay, hun? Mucho love*

‘Cos true friends stab you in the front.

P.S. Now you know why I don’t like going out that much.

P.S.S. I hope this isn’t real. And I shall brush this off as me being oversensitive.

And well, I don't want to spoil it for you. You'll just have to wait and see for yourself. But trust me, it's going to be good.

Can't buy me love.

You know you love me.

xoxo joshy

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart - Lavender Diamond

Yup... this is what I have been listening to on my running sessions this week. Haha kinda funny watching the video... as I do run around my 'neighbourhood', so to speak.

It keeps me jogging at quite a jolly rhythm, steadily.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh... Oh oh oh oh oh oh...
Oh oh oh oh oh oh... Oh oh oh oh oh oh...
Open your heart...
Tear it apart (?)

Where do you love running to, people?

Well, I love the treadmill (with MTV on!) or running home, from the park. Home...

Hope everyone's having a fantabulous week... Toodles!

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's You

I wake up every morning
And find you by my side
There's no one else in this world,
Who can touch a heart like mine.

Sometimes I cry when I am lonely
When it just seems oh so real
But there's one thing that I can't deny
It's your love that's in my life

Suddenly it's over
All the cries inside my heart
Life just turns so beautiful
I'm assuming it's by your grace

I just can't describe
All I am feeling deep inside
So much more than I say
When we're touching, it feels so right.

I may not sing as well as Zac or Jay
I may not be the cutest guy
I may not look like Takeshi Kaneshiro
But I know one thing.

It's you
Who made me stronger
I need you more than ever
You're the reason I am writing this tune

It's you who create the wonders
And end all my days of struggles
It's your love
that surrounds my whole world

It's you.

P.S. Smellie my honey, come back to me soooOoOOoN oK?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Signspotted AGAIN~!

Err I am NOT sooo Sure I want to...

"Ha Ha Cemetery"??? What a 'positive' outlook on life huh? Or rather, the end of it.


Why? What if I do? Would they chop me up and cook a juicy stew?


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here's the Deal

[The following article might offend but it's not LICGAS! I just need to vent this all out...]

*LICGAS = Like I Could Give A Sh*t
*WTF = What The Fark

You and I.

We are not friends. Was never, will never.

So leave me alone, will ya? Goodness, with your absurd superiority coolness complex (which I wonder where art from...), just baffles me. Please-lah, look at your own reflection first in the [insert some weird fetish element!] okay? Please, for the sake of the community!!!

WTF. With the amount of bullshite you can purge out in a single breath, you could fare better, seriously, like be a diver or something.

You have issues.

You and your type. Your gang of friends. Sad sad people. Crows that flocked to each other, in awe of the swans, and miraculously imagined themselves to be better than the swans. To be leaders of the pack.

Dream on, wankers! [For the lack of a better word...] You are with each other, by magnetism of NOT anything good thing, but simply because you are outcasts. [Yeah, Darwin's theory here...]

You belong in (AU = Another Universe!) I think you ppl have some SOCIO-DYSMORPHIC PSYCHOGENIC PSITACCI-BRAIN DISORDER or something to that extent lah.

You know what people say of you wannabes? WARNING: BIOHAZARD!

Gawd, inside and out, you are foogleeeeee.

Don't get me wrong here. I am not judging you. I am merely EXCLUDING you and your kind, from my dimension of existence okay?

I know that I am not perfect. I have made many many many many many many many many many many mistakes and misjudgements, I admit. I have flaws. But to the very minimum, never do/did I bitch/slander people I don't know at all.

But damn, my reputation is more nasty colourful than a rainbow, huh?

I'd love to think I am one lucky bugger.

I have a great family, a wonderful BF The Amazing, beyond-the-definition-of-BESTEST friends who accept me for my idiosyncrasies and crankiness, a fairly good physical appearance *cough cough* and lotsa materialistic happiness to boot. Ahem ahem!

Here is where we draw the line.


Buzz off! Don't bug me anymore. Don't even try to talk to me. Or I think I will have to defend myself, by doing inexplicable things.

You and etc need help.

Lastly, KNNCCBSK! (KANINEH CHAO CHEEBYE SNEH KOR!) or if you insist on English, GFYB (Go Fark Yourself, Biatch!)

Just do everyone a big favour, and stay outta my lyf oK? lyk, TQ!~!!!

When and if you ever do have descendants, I hope they have 5-alpha reductase deficiency!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I doubt I wanna try that kinda burger. What about you?

Err... Anger? Frustration? Explosion? Please tell me what this means?

Err... now you can get a discount on your last purchase on this realm, even!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

We have recently discovered that in some cases, ugliness is genetic.