Saturday, March 26, 2011

Run South!

Somehow this is the best sunset shot of the CBD that what my few skills in photography can produce!
Tips please!!!

My supervisor's off to some medical education conference thingy... and I effectively got 2 days off this week! [with implied permission]

So what does a crazeehhh boy like moi do with so much free time???

I am notorious for my psycho-impulsive behaviour! Just do it! Guess nobody is ever surprised with all the mad things I do. E.g. I can just drive all the way Penang/KL-Ipoh just for a dimsum breakfast...

(So after completing all the backlogged work...) I just...

WENT TO SINGAPORE FOR A RUN! randomly... with a few other cuckoo friends!

It's pretty amazing what we accomplished within the 20 hours we were there!

1. Customary sightseeing at all the new fab places! [haven't been back for 7 months yo!]

Marina Bay Sands & the Helix Bridge @sunset, view from the Youth Olympic Park

2. Pilgrimage to shop @ Orchard Road...

3. Sportsgear upgrade @Queensway! [Wayyy cheaper than any bargain place in Malaysia!]

Everything's cheaper here! and yes, i do love running! The tee was meant as a joke!
And dudesss... how AWESOME are FBT shorts!!!

4. Makan at all random places! [so much nostalgia!]

5. Behave all avant garde and artsy @ Haji Lane

6. Did the Henderson Wave Track Run ... Harbourfront - Marang Trail - Mount Faber - Henderson Wave - Forest Trail - Alexandra Arch - Hort Part - Kent Ridge Park = effectively 4 National Parks! +/- 15KM???

Totally the highlight of the trip... we were literally running above Singapore (cos the Henderson Wave's like a suspension bridge lah!) SYIOK GILERRR!!!

7. Went hunting for some awesome possum hiddensecretbakery @ Kandahar Street!

If I had the means, I'd hop over to the Lion City to run every weekend! The new trails set up sound like soooo fun (if they are as good as the one we just conquered)...

For once, for once... this brash trip is actually a healthy one! Now I am back... and broke! :(

in love with my new asics kicks!
*maybe because I also got the number of the cute cashier @the store!
*cough cough!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Prateik Babbar

Thank goodness it's Friday!!!

It's been a relatively good week. Busy as hell. Overloaded with work, particularly case writeups and taking gallons of blood. Oh my poor patients!

Extremely grateful I am out of the Paediatric Wards for this week and the next. Outpatient and Day Care clinics make this department more tolerable for me. Yup, I have officially crossed out Paediatrics as a postgraduate option! NO WAY!!! Was hoping for the week to end sooner nevertheless.

So to kickstart the weekend, a few friends dragged me along to a home-theatre screening of a new blockbuster arthouse (what a paradox!) Hindi movie. Of course I just depended on subtitles...

I can only curse in Hindi. (CODNA TUMM!!!) Well, I can clerk a patient in broken, laugh-worthy Tamil la. But Hindi is a different ballgame. So yeah, the movie, like all art films, was a tad confusing (add that to me being lost in translation!)... kinda made me concentrate more on the chicken masala that was served. Till I saw this guy...

And whoa! Hotness! And I think his primary role is to be the eye-candy and everybody's pot of sympathy. Ah hotness of a slumdog charming gentleman!

If you do watch the movie, you will totally swoon over this guy. His character is such a sweet loveable guy! Add that to many many topless shots of him, him in wet T-shirt and various states of undress.

Otherwise, the movie is okay. Too artsy for a puny brain like mine. Quite freaky, scary and thrilling at times. Fleeting storylines which do more for psychology fans than simple-minded crowds like. Overall, not bad... Apparently it's a relatively accurate portrayal of Mumbai socioeconomic divide.

I must say, the women featured in this film are bound to give some people nightmares. FREAKY ROLES!

But then again, Prateik appears a lot in this film. Do watch this film even it's just for him. It's a validated reason. Or maybe, for Aamir Khan... if you like your men a few years older and some salt 'n pepper sprinkled on top! :P

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Here We Go Again

Here we go again, I kinda wanna be more than friends...

Convention requires a relationship to fit the mould set traditionally; bound by the chains of monogamy, limits set by 'spousal' duties and responsibilities...

Whatever happened to the core of two people enjoying each other's company and having a good time together. Perhaps even beyond the definition of friendship. Just cherish the happy times.

Expectations can sometime overwhelm, overrun and overdo a relationship which may have begun beautifully, probably even close to a fairy tale. Alas, disappointment can crop up from all those tiny cracks and haunt you till the whole structure collapses.

Isn't easier to just have a great time together? With memories worthy of planting a million-dollar smile on our silly faces?

No worries about growing old together (great if that happens though!). No worries about the long run. No worries about whatever.

Just sink in the moments we share, the jokes that keep us roaring and the comfort we give each other. Leave all our baggage behind and start anew.

With my grubby hands on your sinewy body and our lips touching, our eyes reveal that we are meant for each other

It may just last a fleeting moment, perhaps just one night. But till the morning light, I am yours and you are mine.

Oh oh what the hell? As long as we are happy :P

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

No, You Can't Play On Broken Strings

Oh, what are we doing?
We are turning into dust
Playing house in the ruins of us

Running back through the fire
When there's nothing left to save
It's like chasing the very last train
When it's too late, too late


Sometimes it ain't all that bad when one doesn't feel a thing.
It may be a sign that everything's okay. That I am okay.
Instead of rolling around, torn up in something that ain't real.

I am okay.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


the past weekend was probably my last official one in the metropolitan city that is KL, for godknowshowlong...

and you can bet i won't settle for anything less than fantabulous! :P

major booze-bingeing and dancing in dark places with faghags/stags.
hung out + snowflakes with tulsyboy, dancerboy and pilotboy! *mangina laughter!
caffeine + pie with medie.

and the people that keep me all together = La Famiglia! [Awww!]


really dying to squeeze more time to see more people around but alas fitting into everybody's schedule's a bitch! sorry peeps! there's always next time!

anyways, time for some drama that is my life...

as i was about to leave my KL home, i got a call from Erik (yes, the same guy from the previous post) asking me to go over to his place for lunch. He overcooked wor?

ok lah. free lunch. "lunch" alright!!!??


dah makan dah. plus ice-cream. vanilla. chocolate and strawberries on top :P then we were both just lying on his bed-couch-convertible thingy... chit chat jer lah! omong-omong kosong!

E: Your biceps look quite nice from here.
J: *blushes*
E: Don't pretend to be shy. But yeah lah your triceps need a lot of work!
J: PTUIII!!! But your biceps huger and more defined. Hot!
E: Yeah. Mine's HIGH DEF!