Saturday, February 18, 2012

funny where life takes us

from a lost teenager; undecided what to do with his life, who then found himself in med school (at a whim too!)...

... he went through several emotional rollercoaster rides throughout the 5 eventful years; a few weddings, some deaths and a broken heart; still managing to graduate on time (phew!) :P

and then he decided to fall face forward into hedonism (some parts are best left omitted *ahem*), delay starting work... for as long as he (legally; without the need for a psychiatric diagnosis) can...

... 4 months down the road, in retrospect; he got sent to a (kinda) rural hospital (suburbia really; but surely feels like social Siberia) by our beloved Ministry, got off-tagged after half the required duration (woohoo!), got made chief intern after a month, revamped the intern system in the department, made ONE enemy, made ONE new friend... :)

not forgetting all the times he dug into the patients' bodily cavities excising whatchamacallits.

[apparently people claim i'm the most Type A of all Type A personalities? *gasp*]

... noting this fella's history; what is a quarterly summary without some scandals and questionable choices in his life...

so yeah, joshy is doing alright for now. except maybe he needs to lose a stone or two. hmph!

*and oh yeah, this guy really wants to see this ONE enemy of his fall down a few flights of stairs! anybody wanna offer a banana peel?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

... to me.

Strangely enough I managed to find some suitors in this rural town (they may or may not be in the same locality, but close enough)

Why oh why?

But alas, it's always the case where's there's something missing in that sweetest guy who interested in me...

... deep down, there's something not right. the lack of chemistry? different wavelengths?

le sighs.