Monday, June 27, 2011

Into the Madness

The last 4 weeks of medical school.

The last sprint on this 5-year long marathon.

I see the finish line; now to actually cross it!


Woohoo! Ran the 10km category for the 'Biggest Marathon in Malaysia' - The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011! Completed it, got a fancy shiny medal from it, got a satisfactory Personal Best time (ranked ahead of over 3600 other people) so me is happy!

[Met my bro, Medielicious... Think I saw Vin from What Lurks Beneath! Was hoping to see more peeps like Anton, but takjadi *sighs*)

I guess you readers (all three of you!) have noted my sudden freefall into being a fanatic runner within this year alone... And it's all good. I count it as my new vice. The good kind. Brought me a lot of good, it has.

Helped me made new (lovable and hilarious but better-figured) friends, made me more disciplined (oh yeah, it's a lifestyle!) and of course, got me to control my weight! And erm, improve my stamina in bed as well! Haha, but that's not for all to know!

More events in my running diary this year! Hopefully they will all happen especially the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow, Baxter Loch Ness Run... and my first Half Marathon @ Penang Bridge Marathon later this year!


I swear that this last month of medschool is driving me mad. Sucking all of the very little lifeforce I have outta me... Ah, so overworked, under-rested, undersexed (cough cough). So drained, possibly the most stressful I have been in like, FOREVER!

People around me are getting meaner too. Screw the politics, I am sticking to my principles! (Of being a lazybum!) And am praying hard to graduate in time, go backpacking without whoring myself out... and live the rest of my life!


Finally got the spare time to bake last Saturday. Gosh how I miss cooking and baking with my loved ones. Made some cute cupcakes for my sister's birthday (not too pretty and definitely not good enough to sell) with some extras for my running buddies from Down South (who ohsokindly accommodated and gulped them all up)...

So yes, I guess there is life outside of medicine for me. I just gotta find the time.

Otherwise, I can consider other career paths! ... Like being a 'househusband'...


Till next time, here's a sincere wish for everybody: