Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Good Day!

I don't know if it's actually a problem...

But I am actually liking Family Medicine (aka General Practice) waaayyy more than I ever expected!

Okay, getting answers right does motivate me much! And the occassional, rare praise from lecturers.

So I had just finished performing an ECG on an uncle, and was on my way back to the teaching clinic...

And there she was, an elderly Chinese woman, frail-looking, slightly kyphotic, with a walking stick right in front of the elevators. Her tears were welling up.

She looked up at me, and proceeded to grab my forearm.

Me: Yes, auntie?
Auntie: Boy, can you bring to the laboratory? I need to trace my reports. The doctor sent me up here to get it myself. My knees are in pain.

And then the tears kept pouring.

Me : *OMG OMG OMG!!! What did I do? What to do now?*
Auntie: My son is useless. His wife is heartless. They don't care about me. I am sick and nobody cares for me. I had to come to the clinic myself, all alone.
Me: Are they busy at work?
Auntie: NO!!! Today they have a day-off work. And they just don't care.
Me: I am so sorry, Auntie.

As we slowly walked to the laboratory department, she wailed. The crowd stared at me.


Auntie: Nobody cares about me. I am going to die soon, and rot without anyone knowing.
Me: Don't be so sad, Auntie. You must take good care of your health! You must love yourself more.
[Corny, I know!]

I let her sit in the waiting area while I enter the lab to beg for the auntie's report.

Later, I walked her down to the Outpatient Department to see her doctor.

Auntie: My son is useless. He doesn't care about me. His wife is evil.
Me: Err... may be they have issues?
Auntie: They make me work at their bakery and care for their baby. But I get nothing in return. They treat me like rubbish.
Me: Err...

*Enter the Doctor*

Doctor: I very angry at this auntie!
Auntie: *cries somemore* Why you angry at me, Dr? I didn't do anything to you!
Doctor: I joke only, Auntie! Don't cry. I am worried because you always skip your appointments.
(err, bad timing for a joke?) Boy, tell this auntie... Blablabla.. medical jargon... blablabla... She is very lucky to have met you, boy! (Aww! *blushes*)

Then, I ran up to different departments to set the dates for her follow-up appointments for the upcoming months, collect her medication for her, gave her some 'patient education' material etc.

And I was practically her walking stick for the whole hour. Which involved me walking very veryyyyy slowwwwlllyyyy...

Auntie: I believe that people who do good will run into nice people who will help them. I do a lot of donations. Hehe!
Me: Yes auntie! Good karma?
Auntie: You have been such an angel to me, today! Come come, I give you the card to my son's bakery. I will give you a free Butter Cake when you come, since you have helped me so much today!
Me: It's okay Auntie! You're welcome! *beaming smile* Hehe!

As I was about to leave her and return to the teaching clinic...
Auntie: Is this your ID number on your tag?
Me: Yes. It's to identify me as a student.
Auntie: *took out a pen and started scribbling on her newspaper. THE LAST FOUR DIGITS OF MY ID NUMBER!*

Auntie: Do you have a car?
Me: Yes, Auntie. I drive to the hospital/clinic.
Auntie: Can give me your carplate number?
Me: Auntie, you want to buy 4D ah? Strike lottery ah?
Auntie: Ya you also know ah? I feel very lucky today to have met you ma. Must try my chance.
Me: Okay Auntie. You take care okay? I have to get back to my class.
Auntie: Goodbye nice boy. I wish you every success in becoming a great doctor. I can see it in you already.

Me: *OMG I feel so shy shy leh!*

This experience totally made my day!!! =)

Great reminder as to why and what am I doing here in med school!!!

The experience just keeps getting harder, better, and the drive all the more stronger! Don't hate me, B!!!

The oddest thing was it all happened a few hours after I read Little Dove's latest post, right before I left home in the morning. =)

P.S. Half of Seremban had a major blackout just this evening!!! Even the streetlights were off!!! We nearly had to have dinner in the dark (there wasn't even a single candle at the restaurant we wanted to dine at!) Haha, good thing there is Aeon Jusco in Seremban 2!!!

Thanks again for dinner and the great company, buddy! =) Get me goodies from London alrighty!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Better Days - Jimmy Kane

You're always on my mind. ;P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blunder #1

Today, as I was clerking a patient (with half my mind astray) I committed a huge mistake.

"Auntie, are you STILL married?"
(enquiring about marital status)

It totally exacerbated the auntie's bulging eyes.

My bad.

Without a doubt, I kena kao-kao from the supervising lecturer! HAHAHA!

FYI, she was really hyperthyroid.

P.s. I think I got winked at repeatedly by a senior paediatrician around campus. Mega-stroke for the ego! HAHA!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today's a beautiful day to save lives!*

So let's get to it


So I have been a resident of Seremban for the past … erm 3 weeks? Can’t say that I know this place all that well just yet. Heck, with my daily routine being home-campus-hospital-district clinic-food-home-comatose!

Haha I find consolation in knowing that mr. drownedglass is here as well, at least on weekdays. =) and there is company to find good food with =)

Yeah yeah. I am guilty of escaping the heat and humidity that is pathognomonic of this rustic dusty town, come the weekend. To where else but KL… where there are people who love me and more people who desire the sacrilegious inferno of my mortal soul.

Ah thank goodness there is such a thing as a SHOPPING! And credit cards…

Anyhoo, yes I am loving clinical rotations. Draining long hours clerking patient after patient, late night calls (for duty, instead of booty), mountainous piles of case reports to write and being reprimanded/scolded/bitched at without mercy. Hmm, not so loving that last bit just yet.

My spirits are still high and all gay. I may appear to be a walking zombie garbed in a white coat at like 7 a.m. but all that changes when I meet my first patient of the day.

Sure, we learn signs and symptoms, differential diagnoses and recommended management plans from all the ward work. That totally rocks!

But what truly keeps me going (and practically beaming) are their life stories and all the random yakkity yak which never cease to amaze me. =P

“..let this be upon my honour and dignity… now I go forth unto my calling…”

P.S. IMHO this post is pure gibberish… I am not having a cogent line of thought right now… cos it's a happy happy happy but long yet uber good day at the outpatient clinic, playing a Family Doctor.

*The inspiring surgical lecturer’s mantra to start his day!