Monday, May 30, 2011

Forbidden Fruit

So Mr. W somehow stumbled his way into my life. This time in a different role, with different possibilities. What a pleasant surprise really?

And looking at the history, we go all the way back.

In summary, he was previously kinda dating this other friend of mine (D) who I slept with, ONCE, but subsequently that inappropriate moment of heat ruined our friendship, BOO! W is also best friends with one of my best friends and like close-bros with D's ex (who I am friends with) while D was like buddies with an ex of mine. One of W's ex-s seem to be an entry in my little black book.

Oh darn. The story's making both of us look like sluts!

So the question now is, IS HE FORBIDDEN FRUIT?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another One Catches Fire

so now it's crystal clear that i have been the third party all along...

never mind that i was colluded, now that i know, should i be impressed with myself or be just plain upset?

anyways, we all know this will all lead onto the highway to hell.

[delete entry (E) 2011] click!

ah probably i may just lock myself up and save my heart from all the cracks.

my lovelife is a mess. always been. gah!

Monday, May 02, 2011

My Quarter-life Crisis

Age is just a number.

Hmm, is it really?

Somehow pondering about my coming-of-age is keeping me awake, haha yeah it's 3.00 a.m. now on our extended May Day holiday weekend. Oh darn you ageing hormones!

Dear ol' Joshyboi is turning a quarter-century old this Saturday.

Oh you heard it right! 25. TWENTY-FIVE. oh my gosh, did i just hear somebody say that 25 is the new 40?

Needless to say, all that has got me into a panic of sorts. Panic for and about myself.

I look around me and I see my peers doing all sorts of stuff with their lives. Grown-up stuffs. I have a few classmates who just got married or are engaged to married immediately after graduation this year. Another has purchased a new BMW from his side-job profits (how one juggles a business and medschool amazes me!). Old friends from home have either married and produced cute babies... or are set to do so soon; own properties or are just putting their downpayments. Other friends have been promoted upsohigh-ohsofast in their respective jobs.

Well, I can go on and on.

Looking at the guy in the mirror, well, I ask, what about me? What am I doing with my life?

At this point; where I am is a traffic junction, somewhere where the road forks. I am finally here. Where my friends have already passed this point and travelled on their paths while ... I am just trodding my way along.

For one, I reckon I have an adventurous streak. Add on major impulsive traits. Sounds like a recipe for disaster right? Ah even medical school was made against the family's wishes. *keeping my fingers crossed to graduate on time!*

While others are earning money and supporting their families (or however they choose to spend their riches), I am still dependent on Mummy. A basic stipend, with occasional begging for extras! Haha! Gonna start working soon, so it's my time to pay back my dues. :)

Finishing medschool is gonna such a relief. It has been a rollercoaster ride, lasting 5 years, filled with a lifetime of stories. Oh so I thought.

Now comes the real deal of work. And prior to that, deciding where to do my internship (read: house-officer jobs). And then, which postgraduate pathway to pursue??? OBGYN? Anaesthesia? General Surgery? :( No thanks to those who have already started revising for their MRCP Part 1 exams (gosh, you haven't even finished your MBBS!)

Honestly, I have only seriously considered planning for my graduation trip! :) 6 weeks of backpacking!

Yeah, gonna turn 25 soon. Oh my.

Still single, last I checked. Numerous potential relationships sparked and died off. Being geographically-displaced is an obvious disadvantage. Or maybe I have turned uninteresting/unattractive. Nvm lah, still young right? *cough cough*

Everybody around me's dating somebody. Always being the odd 'lamp-post' puts me off sometime. Ah... Probably should just stay at home and mope. Ha!

"Oh baby. If only we weren't hundreds of miles apart..."

If only. So many 'if-only'... enough to drown me.

So I run. Running seems to be an addiction these days. Running helps me vent out all the $^#(@!% I have accumulated throughout a regular day. It helps me focus (some of my best ideas this semester were conjured while running, yay!). Most importantly, it helps me lose that annoying lovehandle staring back at me in the mirror!

It may be ohsocliched if I speak of how running has changed my life for the better and all that hooha. So I shall refrain from that and just give a short commentary anyways haha! Running has become a part of my life and it's been a positive change all around. Gonna join a kinda big-scale 'international marathon' down south later this month.

Please pray that I don't collapse and die on the tar road. Thankyouverymuch!

Life's generally good for me. Been good all this while and I am grateful for everything. I can't complain.

I know I am a very lucky boi.

I don't need to have everything or to have perfection to be happy. Or contented.

With that being said, nothing's gonna stop me from partying hard on my birthday! Woohooooo!!!

Went to Mama Monster's concert lady for my birthday last year! Wonder what's in store this year?