Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Phase

Somehow one can take this stage as a new one or an ala finale to very substantial aspects of my life. Those that are deeply engraved in me for years to come.

Distance does entice the physical longing to the life counterpart but faith and strong principles are steadfast tactics in staying tough. Not pure machismo per se but knowledge that a loving life shared is a very long journey and just stay optimistic in looking forward to that fine, sunny orange-coloured day. Love does funny things to a person. =P

Emptiness periodically fills my mind amidst the chaos that is befalling upon me; left, right and centre. Hardly any time to breathe and slow down to enjoy the view YET being able to stone and freeze in the moment. A home (which is turning more comfy and homey) that no longer feels so familiar - Home is where the heart is, but the heart is halfway across the universe [a hyperbole no doubt but it sure feels like it literally]

What to do with so much free time? Paradox eh? Much more time to explore deep down underneath this temporary shell and meanwhile develop new friendships. To completely focus and have coning attention on the set priorities (whichever they appear to be; adaptable to circumstances).

Current placement in what most shall declare as godforsaken places open eyes to unknown, unheard-of cultures. To keep a broader view on things, surroundings and humanity, probably even just in the locality. To honour and respect people with the truest intention and appreciate the returns.

To be truly annoyed by whiners and hypocritical personas who self-idolise and forcefeed their own faux ideals on what they view as inferiors/backward people. I hope it backfires.

Back to work. Back to what got me here in the first place. Back to the thought that fills my mind.

Not a minute passes by without my heart missing you.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Me Very Likey

Hehehe.... (;

And the bong lights up!!! Wheee... gila shisha!