Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Party Ending

Oh boy! 2 birthday parties tonight itself... Is it just my social circle or is this the fertile season for Gen-Y parents? I am like, celebrating a friend's birthday, almost every other day. Scrap that! Make that every other meal of the day!

"Darling, you know it's a fantabulous cocktail if you can't taste the booze!"

Fun. Joyful. Lotsa laughters. Quirky food choices!!! (the anterior 2/3rds of my tongue is still sensationally NUMB)

"b is for binge, p is for purge!"

Mindless chatter about the neighbourhood clown and loser-ish desperado and devilish schemes about a certain social destruction dominate the air. Discussing future plans isn't really a fun idea, is it? Less stress, and another pinch of suave seems to do to the trick.

And that's why I get invited to the best parties.

Truthfully, we're generally nice, in the most layman definition of the word. There's totally nothing boring about me and my friends, and the more I tell you about us, the more you'll be dying to know. But whatever!

Kinda exhausting though, considering one had a long day of classes, which involves inducing the gag reflex in patients and hitting their jaws with a hammer. LOL it's just another manic school day in my diary.

I have just been lazing around (attempted to) since we finished the Runway Show a few days back. Much deserved rest, I tell you. Thank goodness we reached our fiscal profit target (actually, we EXCEEDED it! Yippee aye yay!!!) I still can't believe I co-organised such a bombastic event... Had tonnes of fun meeting and working with new people <- side effects!

Probably it's just me, but I so totally don't dig how the so-called hotties receive such labels anyway? Hmm, guess there's only one hunkadory hottie in my eyes! *wink wink*

The stormy weather's kinda settled down this week around the Valley. But tumultous times lie ahead around town. An epic of this nature requires an observant, quick-witted scribe, and somebody around here has an impeccable eye for the most outrageous details. So I am just sitting back as the past unravels and dirty linen unrolls, because nasty juicy news don't stay hidden, and whatever we don't know, someone will invent elaborately.

MORE SOON... So long!

P.S. Bonne anniversaire to the birthday darlings of mine! *mucho love*

Joke of the day:
How does a brain cell of a dumb blonde die/apoptosize?

Answer: ALONE!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh My!

It's been sooo long and I haven't even put up a real post.

I know.

My bad. My bad.

Been too preoccupied with all the classes and late night parties.

A boy's gotta keep up his social image, y'know?

All good and safe fun.

Hopefully I can squeeze some time out to write a good one tomorrow.

It's family day today. And everything else can wait.

Happy holidays, everyone! And Happy Birthday, Dr Paul! Cheerio!

Love's all around,

P.s. I have been receiving several spam mails offering to cast me in porn. Thanks, but no thanks. In good faith to protect the innocent, namely me.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Permanently I hope... the past month has been such a whirlwind of experiences!

Theft-in-car, emo dramas, intense b*tching GG style and all the familial conflicts. Ah hardly any time to breathe, chill and soak in the sunny scenery.

Ah yes, not forgetting the mounting stress levels prior to the cheerleading finals. Whee! Sweetness of the gold medal.

Not very cogent right now, but yeah, time to get back to the norm schedule and familiarity and seriously lose some of the flabs! So depressing, I tell you.

Feeling good and blessed to be above the poverty line =P Thank you very much.

More than anything, feeling lucky being in love with my best friend.

Till a proper post, Ta!