Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weird or Norm?

Me, being fully-bred in a small town (relatively to the capital that is Kuala Lumpur) was intrigued with the gargantuan skyscrapers and other national landmarks whenever I make my trip here in my younger days, much much younger.

Pretty jakun, I hear you!

And ever since moving here, I get surprised (impressed or the contrary) by the various facets of the people of KL. Despite all the claims that 50% of them are not even from KL.

Odd odd incidences to recollect.

When The Husband was practically extorted (with no weapon) by an elderly man at Puduraya. "Give me 2 ringgit or I will rob you off your bags" to which The Husband just walked away.

How someone I know is being taught saxophone by a guy named after a vegetable.

On witnessing an estranged couple strangling each other in public.

How a car reversed into the car behind it when the traffic lights turned green.

How you ask for a box of matches from a sundry shop and the keeper passes over a pack of incense.

Oh yeah, how can I leave out the ubiquitous *yet traumatising* of random persons urinating in public ie. AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS!!!

Most recently, at a drinks stall...

Makcik: "Adik, kopi O ais ni RM1.20"
Random Guy: "Makcik, aiya satu ringgit cukup dah lah!"
Makcik: "Tak boleh dik, barang semua dah naik harga dah!"
RG: "Tapi makcik, satu ringgit lah. I kan beli dari makcik tiaptiap hari."
Makcik: "Tak boleh! RM1.20!"
RG: "I sekarang ni tak ada syiling"
Makcik: "Tak apa, makcik boleh bagi balik wang tukar."
RG: "I tak nak syiling lah makcik!"
RG: "Boleh lah makcik? Kalau tak boleh I cancel order tu la"

Like, I could help but to be amused. So I turned my head and continued to savour my RM1.30 Teh O Ais Limau. Never have I ever seen somebody bargain for a pack of Kopi O Ais like haggling for pirated Gucci bags at Petaling Street.

Don't get me wrong. I still *heart* this city.

Unlike a neighbouring nation, where news like smuggling 40kg worth of non halal chicken is front page news! And on the primetime TV news as well!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

of the simple life

Life has taken a twist lately.

A higher tolerance of stress and unbeknownst demands. Probably others might take it as being nonchalant or even the cliched 'tak-apa' attitude.

Easy contentment does not come easy. But *sigh of relief* it has been good.

Laughter and lame jokes over dinner at the famous ?regional? taichow.

Driving all the way to some NOT-KLANG ulu place (where my celly reception fell down to 70%) to have some awesome DRY bak kut teh. [Further details may make this post very unacceptable to the halal-seeking populace]
Ordering practically every single dish the restaurant could conjure. [till the sphincters threatened to give way]
Irritating the waitress(es) with incessant requests for BKT soup top-up.

Driving halfway across the valley to get some porridge.

B*tching about national and communal news along with the Mother.

Not bothered while celebrities make their entrances in the place we are dining.

Having random people say "I appreciate you a lot" and not get freaked out.

Discovering the bank account is not in deficit.

Cuddling with the Boyfriend for some quality bedtime.

Quiet nights at home for personal 'alone time'

Addendum: Escaping to never-heard-of-before urban alleys for a wholesome homey-ish midnight non-halal nasi lemak & curry Chee Cheong Fun after a long day of studying hard.

With luncheon meat and lap cheong plus fried long beans!!!

Hmm, simple life is good.

Now, if only my effing stupid Internet will speed up a little, in heaven's name!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday Wild Ride

My scheduled lazy Sunday did not go as planned though.

A high school friend (now entomologist extraordinaire) had a rough tiff with his chick last nite and needed some consolation in his trying time. So he came to drive me out for lunch, or so I assumed, in the Klang Valley.

Somehow, an hour later, we ended up in Malacca City. Which was having an hyperinflux of tourists.


Phew! We finally got to Nadeje Cafe and got their OHSOWONDERFUL mille crepe cakes. [Note: Malaccans are so lucky!!!]


Icebox in question: 1m X 0.7 m X 1m. Guess the Japanese owner was smiling so widely cos we bought half of the cakes on display. Thank goodness for Visa card! =)

And the drive home was 4 hours long :( Friggin' school holiday crowd I reckon.

The friend was speeding and arguing with his GF (on the mobile) on the PLUS highway. I had to use my 3 limbs to brace his every ala Initial D maneouvres while one was protecting the cakes from deformities.

I really thought my dead body is going to be found with a box of cakes. Presently, still a little traumatised from the wild ride.

2 hours drive to Malacca.
1 hour in Melaka (Lunch and cake shopping)
4 hours drive home to the Valley

P.S. Service and food at Famosa Chicken Rice Balls kinda sux!!!