Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Crave

I was craving for some 'traditional' English afternoon high tea.

So he took the day off to accompany me.

Ah, how hilarious it is that we are always dressed the opposite way. One being overdressed and the other too laidback casual. A crime we perpetually repeat, how silly! Four dates and counting.

Chamomile tea for us today?

The way he stares into my eyes; with a vengeance to uncover what's beneath my skin.

Or is it lust?

Or is it romance?

Three dates on three consecutive days.

The scones can wait.

There is a certain physical and intellectual attraction; a long-sought rarity. For someone to appreciate the same things I do in life. The little things. The finer things. The little details that lead to a world of colours.

The quiche and pie can wait.

And as I listed out all the things I am looking forward to later this year, he said, "Can I be there with you?"

I'll have that with vanilla ice-cream, thank you!

As we drove off (into the ubiquitious metropolitan jam) in his yuppie car, the audio system started playing. A soothing bossa nova voice singing,

"I love you, I love you, I love you"

Oh! That lingering aftertaste of blackberries and java!

And then, his fingers crept into the spaces between mine.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


How you can just see right through me
How you uncover what's beneath my skin
How you know what my heart truly wants
And not what my voice says

The way you look into my eyes
And whisper sweet nothings
Oh why did the lightbulb had to blow
As we ended up dancing in the dark

What you say without words
Unsheaths what was frayed inside
Oh this way you make me feel
Has got me all unreeled

All I can give are all my pieces broken.