Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bottom Top @ KLPac

Poster picture (from KLPac website)

Woohoooo!!! I went to catch this 'phenomenal' play on Thursday - its Opening Night! The seats were practically overfilling!

I have a feeling that the audience mostly consisted of gay guys (with family and friends) or the family and friends of the people behind this ingenious work of theatre! Notwithstanding, were the shrieking QUEENS behind us with their highpitched reflexes to anything humourously homo.

"When I heard about the play, immediately I thought of YOU and YOUR MUM!"
- Faghag

I went with a faghag (sorta, almost; cos she'd really hate being referred to a hag). I think she was more excited than moi. While waiting at the cafe, little gay meself finetuned her gaydar as per request.

So on with the story.

Dato' Faridah Merican (who makes her much-awaited return to the stage) plays Bertha, a middle-aged woman preparing for her wedding with her late-20s gay son, Melvin carried effortlessly & wonderfully by Mark Beau de Silva [pretty twinky ;P], who is also the playwright.

Yup, just two characters played by two immensely talented powerhouses of Malaysian theatre.

As mother and son chit chat about their respective romantic histories and compare men, one cannot help but to be immersed into the conversations.

Bertha suggests potential guys for Melvin to bring to the wedding dinner at Overseas Restaurant. While the latter shares and educates his lovely mother on the intricacies of being "different" - how things aren't as simple as it may seem.

Saunas. Parks (not for picnic obviously *winks*) Picking up guys.

Bottom or Top?

Many moments of top-notch humour got everyone bawling with laughter. I am pretty sure I heard somebody snort too! LoL

"Hormones drop. Tetek also drop"

Bravo! Brilliant!

Me and Faghag then scurried off to Imbi after the show ended for a very much late dinner and stuffed ourselves silly. Now, tummy also drop.

We are now fat. =(

Visit the KLPac Website for more info on this play! Some publicity press releases are available there too!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ties! Ties! Ties!

If by any chance, anybody has ventured into my room and peeked into my wardrobe (which is comparatively gargantuan for a guy), will realise that I am crazy about ties.

Neckties. The amount I have may shock some and disappoint others.

I have all sorts, methinks. The thin ones, the straps, the broad ends, 'novelty' ties, paisleys especially.

And in Uni, me is known as the "Guy with the Fancy Ties". Gosh, how I love the compliments! *blushes*

I love the attention. Yes yes, spank me! =P

Getting a tie nicely wrapped up, in a giftbox is a pretty common occurrence when my birthday arrives. My friends know me well enough to know that I will be easily contented with a funky tie (a decent one, at least) *wink wink*

Probably my Better Half has experienced umpteen occasions of borderline poverty, many thanks to my fanaticism with ties. My bad, my bad. But he gets rewarded too.

It is sorta a necessity in the so-called Professional Dress Code - that's what the varsity administration is trying to brainwash us with. Blablabla boolsheet about upkeeping the image of healthcare professionals and imposing disciplinary actions whenever someone gets caught attired otherwise.

Obviously, they did not consider the risks of wearing a necktie as argument for discontinuing it. Those cited include entanglement, infection, and vasoconstriction.

"Neckties might also be a health risk for persons other than the wearer. They are believed to be major vectors in disease transmission in hospitals. Notwithstanding such fears, doctors and dentists wear neckties for a professional image. Hospitals take seriously the cross-infection of patients by doctors wearing infected neckties, because neckties are less frequently cleaned than most other clothes. On 17 September 2007, British hospitals published rules banning neckties."
Wikipedia, Nurkin, Steven; Carl Urban, Ed Mangini, Norielle Mariano, Louise Grenner, James Maurer, Edmond Sabo, James Rahal (May 2004). ""Is the Clinicians' Necktie a Potential Fomite for Hospital Acquired Infections?"". Paper presented at the 104th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology May 23–May 27 2004, New Orleans, Louisiana: p. 204.

I kinda like wearing neckties (with the whole formal look) and it is an opportunity for me to display my metro side and impeccable fashion sense right? But enforcing it so strictly (in my university's case) is harsh. Pro-choice, anyone?

Anyways, I have been straying away from the true reason of my post today!


Well I DO! LoL, at times too enthusiastically but the pictures below is merely a glimpse into how mad I can go with pimping up my ties - along with the look-of-the-day! [hey, I am a fag afterall!]

I was called everything from 'Harry Potter' to an Entomologist (with a whole garden and insects on my tie) and a Cute Nerd? Haha

Reckon this is my way of being individualistic and standing out in the crowd.

This is real, this is me
I'm dressed exactly how I'm supposed to be now
Let the light shine on me
Since this is who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I wanna be
This is me.

I joke.

Yours truly is actually pretty introverted and shy and very muchie the stereotypical Asian Boy.

Addendum: OMG my apartment block just lost water supply for like 3 hours and NOW IT IS BACK, BABY!!! I am gonna appreciate it waaayyy now...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I ate up Jalan Alor

Okay people! Pardon me for the lack of updates...

Been uber busy - partying, going shopping crazy, driving around blindly like mad, slacking in general.

*And I think I ate from (almost) all stalls spanning the whole length of Jalan Alor just last night! My gastric expandible volume astonishes me. There goes my moderation diet plan. =(

When all I should be doing (actually planned to), is to be a hermit and mug for the upcoming professional exams.

Allow me to digress.

I am proud of myself - I haven't used up this month's allowance. Yippee!

Alrighty, just to fill up this space... I am currently dressing up for yet another birthday party (do of the year? Maybe... a close second/third, after MINE)

Here's wishing everybody a good kickstart to the new week... No more Monday blues!

Lotsa love, joshy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Parody of Sorts on a Sunday

WARNING: The writing style of this post borrows heavily from a certain immensely irritating-annoying blogger (somewhere in this dimension) who recently posted something which deserves only one form of response - OMGWTF!!!
Fret not readers, I shall try to use grammatically correct English (as much as I was inspired, my conscience limits me).

I don't think you'll be reading this, but here's to you Ms. rOyAl StRaWbErRy (NOT!)

Oh Yeah!

I went shopping today, but the weather today right, was like uber hot while me and fellow friends (including a girl I used to call my "Forever B*tch") were driving downtown for some much needed quality catching up over a meal at The C. Club at you-know-where-lah-right?

People were like staring at us lo. Haha. I really no gan cheong at all ler. (Yours truly dressed down, while my companions of the female gender went overboard!) Seeing the girls go on a shopping crazy ride also make me frust jer. I could feel a fever rising!

So right, my bimbo friends wore heels-too-high-for-them and totally-inappropriate-for-shopping and got pains everywhere. We then bummed at that chocolate lounge/bistro. Oh this is where it all started lah, the girls started comparing and commenting on each other's purchases, buat I lagi geram jer.

I went to the loo swing swing a while, and ran into Joyce and her Little Mister Beefy, chit chat a while before heading back to the table; finding my friends still discussing their retail achievements of the day. I feel it boiling esp. from Stella's vibe (who btw, looked a bit ho-ish today. I say that with mucho love!) Maybe i look as if I'm going to eat people, or maybe with my puffy expression I portrayed disappointment. But none of them bothered, being too engrossed in themselves. (HMMPH! Tell me why are we friends again?)

At the very moment I grabbed my celly (which was placed on the table, between a mug and the ashtray), I got Flora's SMS. And I was like, "Har? What talking you... Want to call me, can call me now la!" Anyways, so at the end right, I just stood up and squealed, "That's it! I have had ENOUGH! I AM GONNA SHOP TOO!"

Then the skies started rumbling, like some burst pipe, and it rained cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, etc etc etc; you get the idea!

Conclusion: I DID go crazy on the Retail Therapy, with Mummy Dearest's consent, on the plastic. But I so lurrrve my single best, most important, victorious and loveliest purchase of the day!

Wonder what it is?

So exciting right? ;P

Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Let the photos do the talking!

*gulps* excessive saliva pooling but ugh, the paperbags so small only? Haha!

oic, they even wrapped IT in their signature white paper.
I don't know ma, I was busy looking @ myself in the abundant mirrors around the store. Meanwhile, the chicks were trying to taste all the pastries and cakes decorating the outlet. Guess they forgot their contacts, that they couldn't see that those deco items were all plastic-ized.

Being all high on ecstasy and adrenaline, I briskly removed the wrapped box out of the paperbag and placed it on my loud Aussino pink & turqoise floral print quilt cover.

Err, the lady who wrapped this needs some further training. =S

I opened one side. Ugh, funny taping!

Aaahhhhh, don't care already, just pull it out!
Gimme my preciiiooouuussss.

Ooo, got (sorta) glammed up case. How adorable!

I nearly fainted when I saw such a lovely casing.
Its content must be even more beautiful!

What? Somemore paper?
OMGOMGOMG!!! Is this real? *pinches my erm biceps*

Tadaaahhhh!!! My new wallet... snazzy no?
FYI, it's not black (just in case anyone comes to that deduction)
WHAT I HAVE BEEN WANTING (for the past 2 months)

(I dono what tho, the honouree of this post just seems to love to say this a lot!)

Again. Hehehe
So hawt right? Not quite haute, but it's okay!

So, must do what leh???
Of coz... quick quick take few photos of some random guy on the street la...

Little Mr. Silver Man was sitting on the pavement at the aiya-so-busy-one punya traffic junction.
He was there when we passed him on the way to dinner, and STILL there 1.25 hours later.

So S and I gave him RM1.60!

Okie la...
hope you all are happy with me and for me!!!

Again, this post is inspired by and written in parody honour of Ms. rOyAl StRaWbErRy!

But I really got a new wallet!

Disclaimer: All the real names of places, people, and events have been altered or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Mostly, me.

Oh btw, the blogger I am parodising (err is there even such a word?) and myself actually know each other in real life (at least acquaintances we are) and this is all done in good fun.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

One Night Only

Or that was what I thought.

Last Saturday, I was just strolling around the display rooms of the country's IKEA to kill time, when E called. This was after the short cuppa with Mr. Drownedglass...

E, studying fashion design (and history?) in NYC was on transit in KL on his way to a CdG* show in Tokyo. So yeah, somehow he knew I was bored. "Okay, I pop over to IKEA now!"


And it ended up with him MAKING me buy stuffs (Eh your room door very ugly lah! Your curtains too retro lah! Hello, I am just renting a room here! I can't do much to it!) But voila, somehow he was sooo gracious to buy three poster-paintings to pimp my room door!

The Curve seems so foreign nowadays. =( Haven't been there in months, although I spending my weekends in Damansara. Booooo... omg so crowded but the NYC undergrad has much more things to say (albeit not so nice).

As we parted ways to our respective dinner plans (My nephew turned 2!!! and more pervy too! More on this another time), I was overwhelmed with nostalgia and boohoohoo the separation blues from friend (15 years and counting!) and he turned, said "Stay tuned, darling! *WHAT?*

Later post-porky-birthday-dinner, E called, "Halloween party. Private. Go get dressed up! We will get p*ssed drunk" No prizes for guessing what I went as, under such short notice and circumstances. Some local celebrities spotted, like whatever, and the bungalow-mansion-palace venue is like sooo huge! (reminds me of a certain mall in Bandung) I thought twice on whether I should 'go wild' but heck, it's been so long since such parties since my notorious days in Penang & Singapore!

"One night only!"

Good fun, lotsa booze, new friends, dirty dancing, good ventilation, no chem!

And 9am the next day, I was dragged outta bed to accompany E and other old friends to go people-watching at the city twin torchlight towers! And ah, it was already flooded with people at barely an hour later. E and K, especially were not gracious with their comments on the majority's dress sense. Oh my.

Whatever happened to one night only?

I did my duty to generate the country's retail sector. There goes my allowance (and card limit) for November. Whoever runs Godiva in Malaysia would be ecstatically pleased. Speaking of which, they ran out of stock for CHOCOLIXIR!!! Pure blasphemy. It still didn't stop the gang from spending 4digits!

That marked the beginning of a full day of mall-hopping around this Valley. Phew! We spent close to RM50 on parking!

Okay, in retrospect, it might not have been so out-of-the-norm or headlines-worthy. But boy, it's been so long poor little joshy played like this. Ah back to the routine now!

And interspersed through this past week, random birthday celebrations, MORE booze and more getting-to-know-new-people? Under the influence, of coz.

Still having a hangover from all the clubhopping last night. And dehydrated.

P.S. I never thought an emo song can actually turn out to be a great dance track!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Flowery Week

I am being exposed to pollen way much more this past week than ever in my whole life.
[except that one time I was like a florist boy raising money for my college council.]

Now, for life size comparison... Lily bouquet and the petite one with tulips.

Rose, rose... I love you?

*Note: Just a filler post... I gotta find the time to properly document my kinda-wild Halloween weekend. Watch out for it.