Friday, June 30, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guess What?

Earlier, I took my mobile phone out from my pocket. I noticed the battery was going flat. So I recharged it.

Wee Shiong, Will and I rallied each other to post a super dull entry today, after reading the dullest blog in the world, and being very jealous-ed by the number of comments received.

Yes, even fabulous people like us can be mundane. *cough choke cough*

Boring never looked so cool.

I hereby tag... ElectroGay (Alex), Spectrogay the GGB (Xavier) and McGay (Defiant).

ChemiGay signing off.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Clinical Prescription

Shiet! I am being inflicted with an acute condition of 'Blogger's Block-itis'... I currently have zilch inspiration to write any entry at all. And it's not like I am NOT making an effort to ATTEMPT to blog. Plus,

Each time I log into the 'Create Post' page, I find myself staring blindly into the computer screen for aeons on end. Uh, okay that may be an exaggeration. A small one.

*click-clack-clickety-clack* I went on the keyboard. "No, this sounds gym bunny-ish." DELETE. "I don't even know what I am saying here." CLEAR ALL. "Should I post lyrics to a overly girly song I have stuck in my head this week?" DOUBT SO. [weeshiong should know which song that is, *giggles*]

I am this close to telling you people what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, the seven other meals I have in between.

A serious dry-spell it is, and unfortunately that has spread into the bedroom my lovelife as well. Two words would suffice. Non-Existent. Or does it actually count as one?

Perhaps I should get help from the 'professionals'. Me dumb dumb one. That was when I found this ...

Could this book actually be the cure? On second thought, I should probably seek a second opinion elsewhere. Goodness gracious knows what are the side-effects.

Imagine if I end up looking like the cartoon guy on the cover. Oh My Apollo, how apocalyptical is that!!!

Now now, don't you even dare picture me, complete with a triangular-looking, quadrilateral head and eyes that pop-out. Hey, my hubby Chad wouldn't have chosen me over Sophia if I wasn't beautiful, right? *cough cough*

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Underwater World Langkawi

Eh, I thought this place was supposed to show animals from the underwater realm? Got aves?

Somehow I was drawn to this school of fish, imprisoned in a cyclindrical glass tank. Beauty in midst of chaos?

Got penguins somemore. My trip buddies can't stop commenting on how I resemble them, especially my walking style. I SO NOT LOOK LIKE A PENGUIN!!!

Some weed yeah? Nope, it's a leafy seadragon. Cousin of the seahorse. 'Star Attraction' of the whole centre. But got ONE SINGLE EXHIBIT only!

"Alien creature has reached Earth~!!!" Kel, the Himbo was so amazed with this shelled organism that he kept staring at it and must have taken like hundreds of shots of it. It's a Nautilus la, dungu!

Not-bad displays on set. But the maintenance was not up to mark. The 3D cinema was pathetic. And got this kampung house exhibit in the middle of nowhere, with blinking neon lights somemore. Like Hari Raya!

It costs MYR28.00 nett for Walk-In Malaysians.

Getting to Langkawi

After driving over 200km up north in the wee hours of the morning, I finally got to the Kuala Perlis Jetty. 5 minutes late for the 8.00a.m. ferry. So had to wait for another hour to get to Langkawi. Yeah, that's how packed the waiting area was.

Seriously, the picture does not do justice to the actual condition of the ferry. It's A LOT WORSE!!! RM15 for a 70-minute ride in the rough seas. Maxis thought I left for Thailand. "Maxis wishes you an enjoyable trip in Thailand. Enjoy better rates... blablabla..."

The view from the Langkawi jetty. SO MANY PEOPLE WOI!!! (not in this shot la)

Honestly, I was surprised to find a Starbucks outlet in Kuah. So chic already? Only saw tourists inside the joint though. I totally had to snap this shot. The whole jetty mall looks high end like some airport, y'know?

The hotel I stayed at, Holiday Villa Resort Langkawi. Pricey and homey.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Wingedman Will said I am NOT MINGING!!! Yippie... Very kembang-ing you know?

The extremely notorious famous pink pilot was in town for a stopover. And I, got to meet up with him and drag him to the gym. Gymming affecionados lah, katakan.

Ooo, and then ah boy-watching was fun too with his company.

He later wanted to have nasi kandar for dinner. *starry-eyed*

Good stuff though.

Langkawi Trip - Teaser

I was away from home AGAIN. Multiple travels in this month oh?
After being MIA for ONE day, here's a simplified photolog of ze trip to Pulau Langkawi.
Hope this will vet your appetite for now.

The primary reason someone like me would come to this mythical island in the first place.
Two words. Duty Free.

This boy loves his vodka.

I was shivering from the altitude cold winds. The ride was pretty heartstopping interesting. View from the cable car could be better. It was misty.

Andaman Sea, here I come. (Yup, this is me. Rear view)

What a waste of a good butt!

More pictures coming up SOON!!! Watch this space.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I Don't Get It

It's beyond my comprehension that a multitude of awkward situations occur in my presence on umpteen occasions.

Worse, they happen when I am blur blur or steam steam! Hence, I might not even realise what sorta weird position I was put in or how I responded.

The customary ones include, *nod nod* and "Ah yes, I agree."

Few weeks back, I attended this interview for university admission. There were three professors on the other side of the desk.

*Blablabla boring discussion about the field which never seemed to end*

It went pretty smoothly until I made a majorly idiotic comment.

"I don't think education in this profession would be sufficient by reading materials like (insert famous textbook). Personally, I find it dry and lengthy. One might need heavy dosages of caffeine to stay awake if one desires to read it cover to cover."

Professor J then said, "Oh, Professor A should take note and make it more interesting then. HE WAS ONE OF THE AUTHORS." *points to Professor A*

In my head, obviously filled with air, I was like, "OMG, crap! Sure die this time. No wonder his name sounded so familiar."

Clearly, honesty AIN'T the best policy!!!

"Don't worry, I know it's not that cool." responded Professor A.

And the session carried on with me being slightly more cautious with my blatant opinions.

Today, I was at the front desk chit-chatting with Drew about training. Then, May came along and Drew suddenly commented, "Beckham damn hebat lah!" Yes, they were discussing the World Cup match between England and Trinidad & Tobago.

What is a gay boy to do? Fold paper aeroplanes lo. While they get soooo excited about which tactics and strategies Eriksson (dunno how to spell la) executed. I can only get soooo excited if we're talking about Beckham's endowment skills, ahem ahem.

M: What? They expect Rooney to bring some miracle in the last few minutes?
D: They depend too much on the injured Rooney already.
M: But definitely, when Rooney entered at the last moments, the opponents guarded him until the defense turned lax.

Drew and May kept blabbering about more and more other players. Owen lah, Crouch lah, blablabla...

Out of nowhere, May looked at me and "Hey, what say you?"

(Like hell I would know anything besides which of the English players are scorching hot?)

"Yeah, they shouldn't depend too much on an injured player."

(Note the plagiarism)

The heated talk lasted for another 5 minutes. Yawns. Without me involved of course.

And I was driving home from the facial, this tardy Kenari jutted out of nowhere and overtook me. Effing pastry! I stayed behind the jerk for quite a distance. Then, some boy sprung up from the back seat and started waving at me. And he kept waving and waving and waving. So joyfully. Like he saw Mickey Mouse like that. For a few minutes you know? Like his hands won't tire. Fancy workout is it?

Wait, was he waving at me? Having common courtesy, I waved back.

He freaked and hid himself. Like saw a ghost like that.

Err, what just happened? *scratches head*

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Anonymity Au Contraire

Most of the time, I would have the idea that people would generally appreciate more privacy and less notoriety, or worse fame. Thus, I tend to leave out NAMES when I mention bloggers I have met or bitched with. I thought they might be sensitive about it ma. It was my sub-conscious conscience working.

I don't mind it myself though. For I am an attention-whore too. A novice.

But there is this fella. Hmph! He practically throw a princessy and hissy fit at me when he couldn't find his name in my blog after scouring the entries (the recent KL entry to be specific). Yeah, he mentioned ME in his blog. Reciprocity, he expects.

(Harvey honey, that word doesn't work all the time you know? Especially in bed.)

He cried. Muahaha. "I STILL don't see my name anywhere on your blog!"

Also, he thinks the blog community forgot about his blog. So dudes, go drop by and crap comment on his little online journal. (I am doing free publicity here!)

Go, go! Go, go, go! Visit Harvey, ze blinking-eyed puppy!

Disclaimer: HE is actually a nice and helpful guy, who assisted me carry my luggage. And he is way too blur to throw tantrums lolx. In real life at least.

Since this is MY blog, I am so NOT gonna dedicate the whole entry to him.

Blek. So I have a facial appointment tomorrow! That counts as an update...

That One True Certainty


Inevitable, isn’t?

Nothing remains the same forever.

When you get cosy with the status quo, everything takes a complete 180 degree turn. (good or bad, either way)

And it hits you, right when you least expect it.

Just like the other day when I got home from Singapore. I entered the living room to find my very-comfy sofa , in a tinge of grey-ish blue and looking extremely out-of-shape. Eh, the sofa changed colour ah?

Of course, no such thing happened. My family ordered a complete new set, without my knowledge. Fine.

Then, I entered my room. I did a double take. Wrong room? Exited and stared at the scribblings on the door. Yes, it was my room. But I don’t remember it being so tidy and neat. Plus, new chair for the computer table. New pillows, new curtains and a humongous new bolster. I miss my old pillow and bolster. They reek of bodily fluids nostalgia.

Oh yeah, got new tissue box also. Hehe

Like how the price for a kilo of broccoli can escalate from RM7.00 to RM17.00 within a week.

Like how two people can be the bestest of friends one day, and claw each other in a nasty catfight the next.

Like how your blog can have the most hits and the most comments but somehow suddenly sink into the abyss of oblivion.

Oh speaking of blogs.

Like how I used to love putting up pictures on this blog. But Blogspot now got major problem with me, trying to pick a fight with me is it? I keep attempting to load up pictures (for you, my dear friends), but it ain’t working.

This is seriously injuring my camwhore reputation. Wait I write this long long complaint e-mail, then baru you tahu!

Like how I was so happy with my improving facial complexion, without the extremely-complicated regime I had to go through twice a day. You don’t even wanna know the number of products I smothered on my face each time. It can put Paris Hilton to shame.

I turned lazy.

And… WHAT THE HECK!!! All the old hidden acne scars made a GRAND re-appearance. Furthermore, they summoned their co-stars along. BREAKOUTS ERUPTING LIKE SOME VOLCANOES! *shrieks* I seriously have to go run (hastily) and hide in a corner where nobody will notice me.

No one is to set eyes on my face until it recovers… slightly. FYI, this may take a while.

Like how I intensified working out on my upper body, sadly, neglecting all the muscles below you-know-where. Deltoids dan lain lain. But I am known for being easily contented.

One day, I found a pink spot on my chest. (it was neither Nip nor Ple, mind you) And then there were two. Three. Four. Five. I think got like almost a dozen scattered all the way from my upper back to the shoulders to the chest. Mighty Minging.

Stupid crayfish. Stupid allergy. Stupid immune mechanism by the B and T cells. Stupid me-now-must-cover-everything-at-the-gym! Stupid me-now-cannot-show-off-at-the-clubs.

The place I was at last Saturday. I went in, with nothing to offer. Darn spots!

So what if change can be for the better? I know reality bites. BUT I DON’T CARE… cos it has been a bitch not been kind on me these days. Messing with 3 of the most important things in my life. So I say…

Change, you are no longer my friend. But all is forgotten once I can load sexing pictures on my blog (check!), my allergy spots go spotless and my face looks better. Yeah, of course you can do MORE good if you help solve the sugar shortage problem in the country.


Monday, June 12, 2006

The Jumbled Up Shortcut

Too much of a mope to write a fancy entry on my KL trip so here’s the summary points:

- Caught an early flight from Changi back to Penang and 2 hours later, I found myself on the way to KL.
- Stayed for 4 days at Times Square East, with Drew and Willie (both BodyStep instructors too!) courtesy of the mega-rich driver.
- Had BodyStep evaluation at Wisma SPK Fitness First. Stress habis!
- Did not fail.
- Did not get laid. Nor violated in any way. *sports holy look*
- Met up with some friends, both on and off the blogosphere.
- Spent so much that my credit card got blocked. (“But sir, we thought someone stole your card and splurged it!”)
- Stoned around at the Miracle 2006 event at The Curve. Got this pretty Thai instructor who did BodyCombat. Hehe I got his number!
- Ogled at all the other cute instructors on stage.
- Found a collegemate who I have not seen for the longest time. Gosh, she has grown so skinny. (Yeah, she’s now a model and she was in the papers on Sunday!)
- Went for RPM and BodyJam (give face to kawan) at Menara Maxis on that Sunday. Saw some ‘popular’ hotshot faces, like totally gay!
- Going to KLCC was a bad idea cos I nearly maxed out the other card.
- Replaced someone’s class super last minute at True Fitness. DAMN HUGE woi!!!
- Had to do more boring work stuff for dad.
- Interview at some blood-sucking private tertiary institution. (It went so well, like I don’t really care if I nailed it or not. I did the best I could. But seriously, I wanna get in!)
- Looked like a chimp, dressed like every other working guy.
- SOMEONE said I look like I am 30 years old. *cusses*
- ALMOST met up with celebrity bloggers. Major bummer that did not happen.
- Dined at Burger King, HK Food Culture, Little Penang (so salah to have Penang food in KL, minutes before going back home), Dome, Avenue 10, TGI Fridays, Little Vietnam, Bakin’ Boys, Teppanyaki, CJ Express among others. In like 5 days.
- Did not work out post-Miracle. Very full-shaped now.
- Oh yeah, Starbucks DAILY. Never forget the caffeine fix.
- All other times were spent, growing mold on my head. With nothing to do, no car to get me out. Imprisoned in the family house at Damansara.
- Ooo, this one has to be noted. Someone said I look fabulouso.

Effing blogger's block lor. Aiyaaa...
and the pix still won't load, wtf. No, make that WTF!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Singapura oh Singapura!

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Yippie! The day of ze trip. And I went over to the gym for the Miracle Circuit Challenge thingy. Wah, definitely challenging. Like instructors’ training endurance stint. No joke. Grace, Nick, Alvin and Lynn came all the way from KL to monitor the event.

Alvin and Celia were respectively dressed in Superman and Supergirl costumes for Superhero BodyAttack. LOL so funny can drop dead lo. How could a sadist like me not go into the studio and laugh at them workout? Wanted to join Nick’s Black Balance but gotta rethink my priorities uh? Ahem. OMG I was at the gym until like 2 hours before my international flight. Rushed like hell home to pack and shower (all in 15 minutes) and got chauffeured to the airport driven by Kel, the Chinese Schumacher.

Phew! Checked in just in time. D was naggy like, you better move into the gym lah! Blergh. The flight was okay save for the lack of eye candy. Seriously, SIA you keep all the hottie stewards for Raffles Class only ah? Cis bedebah! Spoil my virginal experience in Economy only. What’s with all the uncles here?

Touched down at Changi Airport and took the MRT downtown. Aah the moment I set foot into the train… the smell of an MRT ignites all the good old college memories. Resient olfactory stimulation. It felt like a homecoming of sorts. (Hey, I studied here for a while okay!) I even know the words to the national anthem, not that I sung it.

Walked through the whole stretch of Orchard Road searching for FOOD! In one night, we had Old Chang Kee, Crystal Jade, BreadTalk and TCC already.

Sunday, 28 May 2006

Had Thai Express for lunch. Yum yum! Spent half my wage at Marina Square. Every single store I saw had the word “SALE”. How to resist? Zara, Lacoste, Topman, Calvin Klein dan lain-lain.

Ooo nice. Cheaper than in KL. Buy. Ooo limited edition. Buy. Ooo pink! Buy.

I am a chronic shopaholic. My mum even entrusted me to buy shoes (pumps) for her. That is just plain weird, no?

He was settling his National Service stuffs (Yes, he is Singaporean) or else, I might have spent even more. We had MOS burger for dinner, although I wanted Carl’s Jr. Grr… Then balik his rumah, so drama. He got into into this long-winded argument discussion with his parents about army. I just hid in a corner.

We got into bed and started talking. Never imagined I gave him so many things ah. They were all around the room. *sniggers* So lame that we started karaoke-ing to the songs in our phones. Looking through his photo albums, I realised I wasn’t there through most of the parts of his life. Something happened later that I felt a part of me died-ed. We then did whatever that is people do in bed.

Monday, 29 May 2006

Audition at the National University of Singapore, Conservatory of Music.
9.00 a.m.
The professors said I did well and was sufficiently competent. But somehow, I just was not jumping high in jubilation. I love music, and I know my passion can drive me to excel in this degree. I wanted this for the longest time (actually Berklee) but now I am not so sure. Could doing a major in both Science/Chemistry and Music spell double trouble?

Then it was to Bugis Junction to hang out with Victor and Eric (collegemates from JB). Had lunch at Swensen’s and watched X-Men 3 (for the second time). Both are overrated. As we were about to leave Parco, ran into Joy (Indonesian college classmate) who fell and got this hideous scar on her palate. Funny how she reminded us on how people used to think Victor and I were an item. Yes, we were inseparable like Siamese twins stuck to the hip. But it was never more than brotherly, at least not on his side.

Shopping at Queensway spelt disaster. As I spent more and more money, in Singapore dollars. Found the new Nike Slut Slat Technology shoes. What a befitting shoe for someone of my reputation? But no, ended up getting a pair of Nike Shox at a steal. The damned four letter word kept me in a spell. SALE, I mean. Found a sexy, blue sleeveless top. Buy. Sexy, blue shorts. Buy. Skanky shirt that Victor says fits me. Buy.

Queensway Shopping Centre is truly heaven for sporting attire. Many times cheaper than in Malaysia. Why oh why? Wanna go? Take MRT to Commonwealth station and take SBS Transit to Blk 66 halt.

Had dinner with a blogger based in Singapore. Ooo tonnes of stories ay? Good stuff. Minus that I could not have my mee pok. Must have bored him to death with my incessant bitching.

Ended the day going to D’s place again. He was in one of his contemplative moods again. Sighs. “We need to think through some things.” That sorta stuff. But we didn’t really talk. He drank and fell asleep. Haha

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Major fall out. It is at this point of time where I finally got it through to my brain that both of us are so different, in so many ways.

I am a romantic. He is realistic.
I (try to be) optimistic. He is pessimistic.
I am compulsive. He is introspective.
I am a hedonist. He is an ascetic (with respect to others)

Opposites attract but will they stay together?

I do love him and I believe he did love me as well. But sometimes, love just isn’t enough. Corny ah?

The only attribute we have in common is that we are both spoilt brats, who had the luxury of practically everything materialistic.


Yeah, and I missed my flight home by 10 minutes.

Had dinner with a kind, consoling soul at Ngee Ann City. I am tougher than I think, but I am not as strong as I look. So thank you, man! *nudge* Ran into D’s classmates there.

Settled my thoughts at the Esplanade. It has always been my sanctuary whenever I became emo when I was in Singapore. The place just heals a wistful mind. A while later, D showed up. It was bittersweet.

My friends (gay/straight) have long warned that D spells disaster. Ooh D for Disaster! In fact, Kelly Clarkson’s Beautiful Disaster reminds me of him. I don’t know what he is after. The signs were already there. Long distance. The perennial arguments.

How can something so wrong feel so right?

He makes my heart melt… and stone. A feeling that is indescribable. You know, like he is The One. All the things he has done for me. All the gifts he has showered me with. (muahaha) He made a strong mark in my life in ways more than one. I was afraid of the way he makes me feel. He makes me vulnerable. He makes me brave. For that, I feel indebted? For that, I held on for dear life?

It’s just hard to let someone go, y’know? I am okay. I have to be. Cos there really isn’t any other option, is there?

It has been said that there is one word that will free us from the wait and pain of life.

I still believe in that word.

AAAAHHH... the pics won't load.
Next: Back to KL!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006


Okay okay, I will try to write a lengthy, whiny but not pathetic entry on my hectic fortnight away. Such a long entry takes time plus my memory is notorious for its premature expiry. Hence for now, it will just be a filler post.

Another meme I was tagged to fill. By who? Zemien the Evil who did NOT reply the meme I tagged him. I am the Angelic one so I am completing this anyway, burying the hatchet.

Everyone may have his/her own niche of things that will plant a smile on their faces. Simple things that just make your day a little better.

My Top 10 list of Life's Simple Pleasures are...

1. Having someone say to me, "I love you" (like, Duh!)
2. Making out (obvious, no?)
3. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
4. Hanging out with friends (sometimes, family too)
5. Sing-a-wrong to my favourite songs
6. Free from the rat race, from the stress and having quality time to be with myself; reflect on life
7. SHOPPING!!! What better way to heal than retail therapy?
8. Being told I look ‘fabulous’ ‘good’… (it doesn’t happen as often as the egocentric me would like)
9. Bingeing on a tub of yummy ice-cream in front of the idiot box
10. Getting what I want.

End of meme. And the taglist goes:

Harvey - cos you got waaay too much free time already.
Wee Shiong- tag you back! *piak*
Xavier - because I say so.
Lawrence - since you are forever-ly online, you metallic fella!
Defiant - this makes up for the yumcha?

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I had to go to work at school. Finishing the final touches on some project. Final, my foot! Things just never get done according to the schedule. Aiyoyo, and I have to come up with some Malay haiku and sajak in tribute to Mr. PM. Hm, is there even such a thing as a haiku in Bahasa?

Then I came home after lunch to sleep. Ooo, how can I miss gym? Never ever miss BodyStep and I was spared to perform. Phew! Forgot the choreo already lo. And the old injury was hurting. Ouch ouch ouch! Was about to head home... when I saw this scorching hawt instructor going into the GX studio. Being the miang friendly me, I did Cardio Dance for the very first time. Pretty groovy, I must say. Oh yeah plus got eye-candy all the way in front. *wink wink* He caused me to not attend RPM, failing to give face to Lynn Kong, imported from Menara Maxis.

Plus further proof that Penang is freakishly small, that instructor and I got mutual friends. It's like if you are not somehow related to anybody slightly popular, you are a nobody or mere frog under the coconut shell.

I ended the day with splurging on pirated CDs. Emo compulsive shopping. The auntie jiejie even gave me one FOC. Mostly were Chinese songs, very hard to torrent such albums. Kanasai. Will be drowning in emo songs by Jolin, JJ, Justin, Lee Hom the Hunky dan lain-lain.

And lazy lah... to blog about the WHOLE duration I was away. So teenage soap opera worthy. Hello, somemore it's like 11 days lah. In TV, that will be like 3 episodes already. Long long.

Cos my life is rarely uneventful. LoL

Oh next Thursday will be my first BodyStep class for Release 64. To avoid embarassing myself, mua will be team teaching with Kim. Gotta get working, or else my instructing skills will go rusty.

Chaoz. Going to binge on aiskrim now. Pardon me for a boring post.

Home Sweet Home

First of all... it feels super to be finally home after almost 2 weeks of being away.

Odd innit? I can't wait to get out when I am here. And when I finally 'liberated' myself, I got overwhelmed with homesickness.

Being stuck in a Rush Hour madness continuously for over 10 days is just tiring. Running around from place to place makes one less aesthetically pleasing. Yes, I grew in size. OMG, one full inch around the waist! Also, deteriorating complexion state.

I should run and hide in a corner now...

Also yeah, I am so totally single.

Thank you guys for all the love and concern. Heartfelt really. *winks*

Gonna blog in gross detail later. I am beat. Walked home from the bus station, just to save up on RM10 cab ride.