Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goodbye KL!

So this is it. In exactly half an hour, I shall begin my drive down south to the town (city?) of Seremban, where I shall be, for the most parts, in the forthcoming 24 months.


This really is the lake right outside my street!

Moving is such a bitch!

Oh yeah, thanks to all you people who were kind enough to have 'parties' in view of this. My dreaded departure from KL.

Damn you people who are celebrating the good riddance of moi!

I joke. The last one ended just a few hours ago. A movie night, 'Changeling' supposedly, at S's place. But we ended up chatting like the gay bitches guys that we are and Wheeee... it developed into a Gossip Girl screening. Thanks B and JD, especially the gracious host, S! =)

On my drive back to Sierramas (in the wee hours of the morning), I had flashbacks of my time here. You know? Like that thing that happens right before you DIE! Haha

All the great beyond fabulous friendships I have formed here; in university, friends of friends who lessened that extra one degree of separation, blogger friends etc. You know who you are! *winks*

All the money I blew away at the malls! Just doing my part to generate the economy! Haha and on toll fare!!!

All the crazy things we have done and places we hung out (destroyed!)...

Most importantly, I met the love of my life in this city! *swoons*

And I bade farewell to the LDP! Sunway Pyramid! 1U! The Curve! Ikano! And the city lights!

I *heart* KL!

Haha but then again, we can save the drama, I will be back next weekend!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost in Translation

So yesterday, I found myself, driving Mummy Dearest and two other aunts on a roadtrip to Bahau, Negeri Sembilan (somewhere in the core of Central Peninsular Malaysia). They wanted to visit some long-lost elderly relative.

I swear I never even knew the place existed prior to the trip.

The route there was extremely winding and tricky. I even saw ferocious-looking monkeys (apes?) by the sides of the road. Scary. But miraculously, by some twist of luck or rather my mum's impeccable memory (her last visit here was over 25 years ago), we found the relative's house.

Naturally, all the 'aunties' (my mum included) started recollecting the past, sharing grandmother stories and some catching up.

Relative: Eh I last saw you before you went overseas to study right? Where you studied ah?
Mum: I went to Columbia University.
Relative: COLOMBIA? There they have very famous coffee hor? Cheap or not?


After clearing things out with her that Columbia and Colombia are not one and the same...

Relative: Ohhhh, so what did you study there?
Mum: I did a degree in Biology.
Relative: BUY-A-LOJI*??? (loji = plant in Malay) Wah you very expert now in buying loji-s ah? I never knew needed to go to university to buy them. So how many loji-s you have now???
Mum: No, auntie... Biology is the study of animals, plants and humans. The science of living things... *and she went to elaborate...*

And somehow the topic switched to me...

Relative: Wah your son so like giant already. So big boy. (gasp!) What's his name?
Mum: Some call him Joshua.
Relative: JOS-HUA? CHO-HUA (make flowers? in Hokkien) Why la name him that? Want him to grow up become farmer or florist is it? Tsk tsk.

She must really hate me. =(

Relative: Your car so small. 4 people sit somemore. If somebody farts, you all sure faint and collapse. Then how?

Monday, February 16, 2009


I think my mum adores my hubby more than she loves me.


I do feel sidelined at times. She asks about him and updates all the time.

Me? "I got no time for you-lah, boy!"

She will suddenly fire up and say things like:

"Why can't you be more like (the hubby)?"

"He is such a good influence on you. Makes you behave!"

And the worst hit, "I wonder what does he see in you!" *flashing sinister smile*

I guess I have to be grateful that The Mummy and The Hubby don't hate each other. =)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

LOL Nostalgia...

Looking back thru the pages of my highschool yearbook (specifically the one in Form 5, where I was Editor-at-Large)...

Tonnes of sweet memories of our Mean Guys Gang, having personal assistants to buy keropok lekor for us (saves time queueing up at the canteen), crashing the proms of other schools, all the illegal racing on the expressways and having nasi lemak in class, while the rest of the school were at the assembly grounds and among other naughty naughty things. ;P

On another side of things; the time when I played competitive archery in the ASEAN School Games, the many many times we had hotel stays although our homes were a stone's throw away, the time our gang organised a project with 1000% profit (You read that right!!!) and all the crazy drives to Ipoh just for a dimsum breakfast!

Yes, we were all cuckoo teenagers with the hormones on overdrive.

I miss high school!!! =(

But the funniest thing has got to be my profile page.

Joshy - Voted Perkiest Butt in the Senior Class 2003!

ROFL! I totally forgot all about this.

But at least, I didn't win something like "Most Irritating Person of the Year" or "Most Gangsta". Thank Goodness! =)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I have to behave...

... and not party so hard.

Life back in good ol' sunny Penang has been great so far. Never been back for such a long break since forever and now I remember what I have been missing all this while being away.

It's probably sounding a little immature-plus-irresponsible but me, and the few buddies who are still bumming here awaiting our holidays to end, are living it large as we did when we were 17.

Young, carefree, careless and OMG wild.

Surprisingly, we still have a reputation going on (albeit a dying one, seeing that we are dinosaurs by definition in the local youth community) But of course, one can say that this island is so small that it is impossible that people don't know each other.

Honey, so wrong.

In what may seem like an idyllic beach holiday destination to the world, it isn't exactly a bed of roses to grow up in.

Here, you are either somebody OR nobody.

And it ain't easy being in either camp. From what I see, things are getting increasingly malignant. Think Gossip Girl and 90210 but more violent. Less fiction.

But yada yada yada. This can be extrapolated to be like a textbook. More on it next time.

I digress yet again.

I have resolved to not use up all my time being a social moth (cos I ain't nowhere as colourful as a butterfly) and throw those pageant-worthy hi-bye waves with a megawatt-smile more judiciously. Party less, sleep more, save up the ka-ching cash... and hopefully start on a little geeking out and actually study! [cos having too much fun for way too long can actually be kinda tiring and the bad B word]

But then again, I am booked all the way to Chap Goh Meh!

Ah darn, I guess the 'good boy' resolution can wait.

p.s. Hope everybody's having a blast of a wonderful time as well, no matter where you are. Soak in the sun, drink, be merry and stay all the more jolly! =P